Explore the spiritual world with illustrator Dikon through 'Magic Folk Magic' (Part 1) 7 minutes to read

Explore the spiritual world with illustrator Dikon through ‘Magic Folk Magic’ (Part 1) 7 minutes to read

“Hey tell me, tell ghost stories today” is a familiar saying of overseas MC who spent the rest of his life telling spiritual stories sent from everywhere. The work that many consider to be useless and bullshit has also changed many other people’s minds: is spirituality real? And the devil has always existed.

Every night listening to each ghost story, I always wonder how much I know, how do I understand life and death, what is the soul and where will we go after death? Certainly there will be many answers depending on beliefs of each religion: some people die first, others are surrendered to the temporary realm, others go back to God, exile from hell. In the 3 realms, in addition to the heaven, the human realm, the hell realm still has a world for the devil, the entities that have not been able to “escape” are still suffering from accidents and lethargy in worldly hatred.

Of course, they will not be humane for people to see but completely affect people’s lives and control their spirit. Understanding the devil, understanding the spirituality as well as national beliefs is also understanding the spiritual life of her ancestors from ancient times. In addition to fighting nature, wild beasts, also have to deal with evil demons.

Recently, illustrator Dikon has asked to contribute a hand to the visualization of folk demons in order to preserve the grandparents’ stories to enrich the spiritual life. The demons listed below will be very impromptu and based on many descriptions in ghost stories, recorded in many sources.

01. Mr. Ke

Every child must be scared by adults about this scary character when he was a child. Grandfather, or with another name, he is a “urban legend” quite famous in Vietnam and many cultures around the world. Each nation’s design is different, but generally a tall, hideous man kidnaps and eats rebellious children.

Mr. Ke in Vietnam appeared in the dictionary Khai Tri Tien Duc (1931) – Ba Be: “Like a strange people they make up to scare children: Dad has nine eyes and twelve eyes: figurative meaning is shabby, ugly: he is mischievous”.

The reason for the name Three is derived from the activities of kidnapping coastal children in the 17th and 18th centuries. “Since each group is divided into 3 groups, each group has one bad thing, so it is often called“ Ba Be ”. Each one has 3 handles, so it is “nine straps”; 6 people in all groups – a total of “twelve eyes”. This is a character often intimidated by mothers and fathers to avoid children going out at night.

02. Mr. Mo (The ethnic folk charm teacher)

Being a person who has a certain voice in the village, village, and village, especially the ethnic minorities of Vietnam attach great importance to. Mr. Mo is good at spells and spells and uses it to cure villagers of evil spirits.

Most of the Mo masters will play the role of the host in spiritual festivals, are considered as spiritual people to the gods: praying for rain, praying, praying for seasons, … Others are always healers. (both negative and positive diseases). He often raises yin-yang to command and raise a ghost (to keep the house).

03. Forest Devil

It is the name of a “creature” that has turned demon and lurks deep in the forest in the southwestern region waiting to kill people to become a star.

According to many records, it appeared as an old woman residing in a small hut deep in the forest, she lived alone without a child with a fluff of gray hair, a cuffed back, wrinkled skin and a bud. laugh oddly. Pedestrians who accidentally stay at rest will be treated by the old woman with a hearty pot of meat porridge, when they are asleep, the old woman will appear as a blue-skinned demon with white hair, long pointed fangs. Tac, silently use a knife to kill each person, the rest it will continue to cook porridge to attract the next prey. That’s why the jungles often communicate more carefully with the smell of food, and strange houses in the woods.

04. One Gioi

Demons Mot Gio is not an unfamiliar name to the people of the countryside when it comes to. Anyone who has seen the Kaleidoscope will probably remember there was a episode about the fake One Giò scare people.

On dark nights, around the melaleuca forests, one often sees a demon with only one leg jumping back and forth on the treetops, others residing on old trees like the one on the tamarind tree, Goni trees, or demons on cork trees along the western river banks (many other rural areas also noted).

Many descriptions: Demon One Giò often appears on the tops of tall trees with a hideous face, white bony face, big round eyes like a headlight, mouth with fangs, long sticking tongue touching the ground, it has only one leg That leg is often hooked to a tree branch to hang people, the other leg it is holding in hand waving.

05. The Dharma Master (Kinh people)

According to the folk mage motif, There are 2 types of shaman who follow the right path and the evil way that are known to have magic and eliminate demons. In which, depending on the path of spiritual practice and conditions, it operates in many different “fields”: healing people, eliminating demons, restoring arowanas, …

Orthodox teachers use virtuous deeds as the reason to live in life. Often people who have karma from a young age are chosen by the gods with the super mission, to eliminate demons disturbing in the folk. People with a sense of ability often see wandering spirits that can communicate and influence the spiritual world. Like the Mo Masters, the Mages knew how to craft all kinds of spells, use art, and collect the sounds of art to work for them.

06. Devil face

In Vietnamese folklore, there are always many stories about ghosts with strange shapes, often depicted by exaggerating a certain part of the body such as the ghost of Long Breasts, Demons One Gio, Ma Toc, … one of them has a species known as the Demon Face Mâm (others called the Demon Face Mâm)

According to the description of many people, Ma Mat Mâm has many versions, with eyesless children, wide mouth with long tongue, others without nose, small mouth, big round eyes like a cup, but the common feature is still face. Big round, flat like a tray to eat rice.

07. Dog city

“A dog in a hat or a chimpanzee is a ghost in Vietnamese folklore. The embodiment is a white full-bodied male dog with a red nose or a black dog, but with white fur with a white nose, a white spot on the head and a white tail. This dog is a demon that can harm its owner. When you raise it, it’s normal to be a dog, but to the point that the full moon will appear as a pure dog. This pure dog will wear a hat with a cane and even wear wooden clogs for indoor travel. Sometimes I even climb to the roof and howl like a wolf until the next morning. ” – Huy Le.

Editor: Nam Vu

Source: FNews

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