Explore other world ecosystems with Song Kang's diagonal illustrations for 3 minutes to read

Explore other world ecosystems with Song Kang’s diagonal illustrations for 3 minutes to read

With texture and depth, Song Kang’s ink drawings begin with “I wonder… I wonder how one will look compared to the other, or I wonder if I can combine this. with the other, ”she shared.

“Evolution of Plants”, pens and ink, 30 x 20. Image © Song Kang, shared with permission

This Atlanta-based illustrator depicts rich mazes comprising elements from both land and sea portrayed methodically from another world: candy-colored liquid dripping from ornamental plants, Fish and butterflies coexist in the same dense ecosystem and the lizard-style MCEscher maze stretches along the page.

“Butterfly Fish”, pen, ink and acrylic color, 17 x 17

Each illustration contains the ideas of evolution and relationships inherent in nature, themes represented in both the subject and the process of nature. Kang. Often motivated by a whim, she starts out with a sketch and works spontaneously, drawing on intricate, tiny details from corner to corner. Her process is intuitive, Kang explain:

Left: “Green House”, pen, ink, acrylic, 10 x 17. Right: “Fall Leaves”, pens, 9 x 13
“Bonsai Drip”, pen and marker, 9 x 6

“For a moment, it felt like I was building a separate environment, each pebble going through. The next moment, I knew nothing, just a urge and a gut feeling to add something somewhere. One of the spontaneous decisions is to choose more colors. I always use black ink, avoiding routine and uncertain bright colors. But during quarantine, I found a few colorful pens and became curious to see what it would look like in its refined, textured cross-hatched style. I.”

Cross-Hatched (Parallel slash)

An artistic technique used to create a tonal or shadow effect by drawing parallel lines evenly spaced. When the lines are placed at an angle to each other, it is called a parallel slash.

“Henry’s Garden”, pen, ink and acrylic paint, 23 x 23
“Escher’s Lizards”, pens, ink and acrylic paints, 11 x 13
“Coral: Exploding Skulls,” pen, 9 x 12

Composition of Kang is now part of the Wow x Wow’s Mindweave, a virtual reality group program that runs through February 26. Originals, prints and smaller items are now available for purchase right in her store . To see more of this exciting meticulous process check out a recent tutorial with Art Prof and immediately head to Kang’s personal Instagram for more details.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: thisiscolossal

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