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Exploding chemical plants in the US: Evacuate tens of thousands of people

Flames rise in the explosion of TPC chemical plant in Port Neches, Texas (US) on November 27, 2019. Photo: THX / TTXVN

Jefferson County officials have asked residents to live within a radius of 6.4 km from the TPC Group chemical plant in the city of Port Neches to evacuate. An estimated 60,000 people in Port Neches, Groves, Port Arthur and Nederland of Texas were asked to relocate.

Earlier, on the morning of November 27 (local time), a large explosion occurred at a chemical plant in the US state of Texas, creating a large fireball rising high into the sky. The incident has injured 3 factory employees. On social media quickly spread images and videos of the explosion. A resident near the factory said many pieces of broken glass fell to the ground and part of his ceiling collapsed after the explosion.

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