Explain Disney Plus error codes

Explain Disney Plus error codes

Disney Plus came out with fans’ eagerness, but not everyone has a great time with this app. There are lots of reports about bugs and crashes.

Quantrimang.com compiled a list of Disney Plus error codes and how to solve those problems.

Error code 4 – Transaction problem

Disney Plus is not free. This error is related to your account. You may need to log out and log back in to see if the problem is fixed and check your payment information.

Error code 5 – Account information issue

If you have somehow caused a login information error, this error code will appear. Make sure you carefully check all login details.

Error code 7 – Email or password problem

Disney Plus is having problems with the password or email you selected, or there are some errors in what you entered.

Error code 8 – Email or password is invalid

Just making sure you have the correct details will help solve the problem.

Error code 11 – Content available

Not everything on the service is available everywhere, so make sure the movies or shows you need are available where you live. Try resetting the Internet connection and note that using VPN with Disney Plus may affect the system.

Error code 13 – Device limit reached

You can use up to 4 separate devices with the service and create user profiles for up to 7 people. If you are a user with multiple devices, you may need to log out of the devices you use the least.

Error code 22 – Content is restricted

Make sure you do not set the system to child mode, even in Disney’s family-friendly application space, some programs may still be restricted.

Error code 24 – Login or connection problem

Check the Internet connection, make sure the network is not compromised and reset the modem. Also, try logging out and logging back in or check the payment details.

Error code 25 – Internal error

Disney Plus is experiencing some issues. Please try to log out and log back in. If the problem is not solved, contact Disney Plus support.

Error codes are common in Disney Plus
Error codes are common in Disney Plus

Error code 30 – Device registration problem

Check to make sure your device is compatible with Disney Plus.

Error code 31 – Location problem

Disney Plus is slowly rolling out around the world, so if you’re using a VPN to fool the location checking of apps, that could be a problem. Try resetting the device’s location settings.

Error code 32 – Login or password problem

Log out and log back in, then check that you have the correct login details for your account.

Error code 35/36 – Content is restricted

As with error code 22 above, check for availability. Disable any VPN, check your location settings and make sure you’re not in kids mode.

Error code 38 – Time setting

Make sure that the time setting on your device (usually a more common problem on tablets and phones) is set to “automatic,” or aligned with time around the world.

Error code 41 – Broadcast problem

This happens when Disney Plus servers are feeling “nervous” when people are trying to download the same program or movie. You can solve this problem by restarting the device or logging out and logging back in.

Error code 42 – Problem connecting to the service

Disney Plus is having problems or is having problems with your Internet service. Try resetting the Internet service to see if it works.

Error code 73 – Location problem

As with error code 31, this error refers to some content that is not yet available everywhere. Troublesome copyright issues in different countries cause some special films to be withheld until Disney has the rights to screen them. Also, check your location settings and disable the VPN.

Error code 86 – Account blocked, violating terms of service

This could be a serious mistake. You must ensure the account holder is over 18 years old, the VPN does not interfere with the service, make sure your location settings are correct and if all does not solve the problem, contact support by Disney Plus.

Error code 87 – Login or password problem

Apply all the usual tricks for this error – log out and log back in, check the login details, etc.


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