Experts warn FaceApp is silently collecting data, should not be used

Create a fever in the online community, but FaceApp virtual magic application is being concerned by experts about the behavior of stealing user data.

FaceApp, an application originating in Russia, specializes in providing color filters for photo editing users who are hot owners on social networks in the past few days. This application has been released since 2017 but suddenly became a fever, after updating the feature that allows users to turn their portrait photos into older or younger ones.

Even so, experts are warning that, the software is quietly collecting data, users should not use it.

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According to TheVerge, to use FaceApp, users need to select specific photos they want to apply filters. Then the application will upload these images to the cloud to make edits. Although there is no concrete evidence that FaceApp downloads all users' photos, experts are concerned about protecting personal information when using FaceApp.

In terms of application usage, FaceApp said that once it granted the application permission to access and store faces, FaceApp will use your face "permanently", free of copyright worldwide. gender, can be resold to other parties in order to use, edit, "reproduce", make your face public in media formats without compensating you anything. When a user has logged in via FaceApp, users need to understand the content and all related information such as user name and image file location will be public.

Theoretically, FaceApp can handle photos on the device itself, but Yaroslav Goncharov, a former director of Yandex and CEO of the Russian company created this application, previously told The Verge that the photos Uploaded applications are saved on the company's server to save bandwidth if some filters are applied and they will be deleted shortly afterwards.

In a statement to TechCrunch, FaceApp said it accepted requests from users to delete their data from the server. The group is currently overloaded, but users can submit a request via Settings> Support> Report an error with the word "Privacy" in the subject line.

Of course, we do not know if FaceApp actually deletes photo data and even FaceApp's privacy policy has many suspicious points. Specifically, this application announces that it can collect user data, such as photos or other documents that you post through FaceApp but does not specify the purpose of using them.

Therefore, having an application with full access to and uploading photos in smartphones can be a big security hole leading to shaky scadalts like "Fappening", hackers stole hot photos of More than 100 top stars in the world via iCloud in 2014. Therefore, users should be careful and protect personal data, avoid leakage of sensitive information.

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