Experts point out the superiority of the Donbass militia before Ukraine

Experts point out the superiority of the Donbass militia before Ukraine

“The current President of Ukraine – Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky has made a great personal ‘contribution’ to the very dire situation in Donbass and around. The main reason is that he cannot resist being expected. wants to talk on the phone with his American counterpart Joe Biden “.

The above judgment was made on TV channel ITON.TV by a military and political expert from Israel, former leader of the Nativ special forces agency – Mr. Jacob Kedmi.

Kedmi noted that if opponents want to urge Russian President Vladimir Putin to make a decision on Donbass, then let them initiate an attack.

At the same time, Mr. Kedmi also mentioned the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not in the best condition to attack the two republics claiming to be LPR and DPR. So even the Donbass militia did not need the Russian Army’s direct military intervention.

Senior expert on the defense of Donbass before Ukraine
T-72 main battle tank of separatist forces in Eastern Ukraine

Kedmi recalled Ukraine inherited a huge industrial and military legacy from the Soviet Union. But for more than three decades, the Kiev authorities have sought to destroy all of these, with only a few rare exceptions. As a result, the Ukrainian Army lost its combat readiness and the state was defenseless.

“There are three armies of tanks on the DPR and LPR side. In terms of the number of tanks they are twice as large as the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In terms of quality, these tanks are better than the Ukrainian side, and the tanks are trained. better”.

“The god of war – artillery of the republics in Donbass is three times the size of the Ukrainian Army, while the quality advantage is even higher”, Israeli political scientist describes the essence.

Mr. Kedmi said that Ukraine has failed to organize the production of artillery shells, they have to use old Soviet shells from the stockpile, they are 40 years old, of low quality and potentially high risk when operating. .

Meanwhile, the gunmen of the LPR and DPR, even though they possess weapons similar to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but they have more accurate ammunition types with new fire-control vehicles, their origins still questioning. because militia were theoretically captured from Ukraine’s reserves in the East.

“With such a difference in forces, how can Ukraine be able to fight and win,” said the expert Kedmi concluded.

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