Experts on 'Israel-Turkey' Relations

Experts on ‘Israel-Turkey’ Relations

Turkey moves to “warm up” relations with Israel

In the BESA Center Perspectives Report No. 1.903, dated 25 January 2021, there was an article by Mr. Dmitri Shufutinsky, Master of the Arcadia University on International Peace and Conflict Settlement, commenting on the move. near Israel of Turkey.

At the beginning of the article, expert Dmitri Shufutinsky said, there were rumors that a cooperation relationship between Tel Avip and Ankara could happen soon; but Israel and the countries of the region should not once again fall into deception.

In recent weeks, Turkey has found itself very isolated from Western and Middle Eastern countries. In response to that cold, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to hold talks with Saudi Arabia and bring the Turkish ambassador back to Tel Aviv.

The source also said that Ankara is engaged in secret talks with Tel Avip to restart the relationship, including discussing a possible project between the two countries to build a gas pipeline. Natural Mediterranean to Europe.

Although some veteran politicians and military politicians in Ankara and Tel Avip said that a desirable partnership could be found, expert Dmitri Shufutinsky said: This would be a mistake. serious, if Israel saves Turkey from the predicament and falls into Ankara’s trap again.

Over the past several months, as Israel’s relations have deepened with Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and even Armenia, media reports have claimed that, the State of Do Thai is considering resuming normal relations with Turkey.

While nothing has been revealed about these talks, many sources claim it has certainly raised suspicions in the capital of Israel’s new allies.

Although Israel and Turkey both supported Azerbaijan, the two sides stemmed from different reasons and, unexpectedly, many people in Greece, Cyprus, the Gulf and Egypt questioned the level of confidence. of their ally at Tel Avip following this conflict.

Turkey still has a conflict of interest with Israel

Expert Dmitri Shufutinsky reminded, Israel must not forget that Turkey’s real goal is to isolate Israel from the countries of the Middle East.

Comment on the 'Israel-Tho Nhi Ky' relationship
Turkish Mediterranean-EU gas pipeline project of Israel, Cyprus and Greece?

The demarcation of Turkey’s maritime border with the UN-backed Libyan government is believed to have the sole purpose of stopping Israel’s natural gas pipeline from Cyprus to Europe. Europe – an important project to Israel’s future economic and geopolitical interests.

At the end of the article, expert Dmitri Shufutinsky stressed that if Israel wants to continue to normalize relations with countries in the region and end instability in the Middle East, they should carefully assess the real situation. practice.

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