Experiencing consumption prevails, "Western Opera·XIXI LIVE" creates a space complex of "art + commerce"

Experiencing consumption prevails, “Western Opera·XIXI LIVE” creates a space complex of “art + commerce”

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As young consumers increasingly pursue experiential consumption, the experiential economy has also spawned a richer offline space scene, such as bookstore + coffee, cinema + catering, etc. However, the composite space with “art curation +” has not Rarely, XIXI LIVE in Hangzhou is such a venue.

Xixi Opera was established in 2017. In the early stage, it mainly operated small and medium-sized theater performances, and planned nearly 300 performances of drama, dance and music from 35 countries around the world. The team began planning and operating the cultural and living space “Xixi Xixi LIVE” in 2019. It will officially open in July 2020. At present, the site is operating with the handcrafted Geng solo exhibition “Waste Factory”.

XIXI LIVE Positioning: Cultural Living Space

XIXI LIVE currently operated by Xixi Opera in Hangzhou covers an area of ​​1,300 square meters and is positioned as an urban cultural living space, with art curation as the core, integrating cultural and creative, leisure, entertainment, catering and other business formats.

The founder Dong Yilin said that the transformation of Western Opera was mainly based on several considerations:

First, in the early stage Western opera performance activities did not classify the crowd, but considering the urban environment, young people’s demand for offline social and entertainment consumption, there should be a space to present the concept of “live” and bring movies , KTV, and board games. At the same time, it is limited to define consumer groups by age. The target group of XIXI LIVE is those young people who are creative, daring to express themselves, and have a free attitude.

Second, the performances of early Western operas have certain limitations, while XIXI LIVE can accept more diversified forms of activities. Exhibitions, film festivals, theaters, markets, etc. and scene-related forms can be accommodated. XIXI LIVE blurs the original With the positioning of the theater, future events can focus more on the concept of “new scene”.

Third, the classification of art activities in the past was too traditional, and all forms of expression under the concept of “new scene” are for experience services. For example, in the past, exhibitions were mainly for viewing, but now many immersive exhibitions encourage consumers to participate. In terms of software and hardware, services, and content, more emphasis is placed on building space from experience.



When curating exhibitions, Western Opera is more inclined to choose artists who show innovative content such as new concepts, new technologies, and new experiences. After crafting “Waste Factory”, XIXI LIVE will launch the UFO exhibition of the New Media Art Lab. Featured by art curation, Xixi Opera believes that the complex cultural space has the advantages of integrating commodities, content and services. In the future planning, Western Opera will establish standards for brands, promote replication in similar cities, and create cultural brands belonging to young people.

Composite space: balance art and commerce

The XIXI LIVE space planning combines daily and different venue requirements during performances, and emphasizes the use of space switching to improve venue utilization. In the daily state, there are two spatial forms of roaming art life neighborhoods and art life squares in the center; when there are performances or activities, the business area shrinks to the outer space, and the middle square is transformed into a performance exhibition area.

Commercial brands that have settled in “XIXI LIVE” tend to be young, individual, and free. In the view of founder Dong Yilin, a single art space lacks channels for realizing commercial value, andIn a complex space, cultural and artistic content assumes the role of a carrier to attract traffic, and the integration of multiple formats gives the space commercial value. What XIXI LIVE wants to do is to combine art and commerce, balancing the sporadic nature of art and the reproducibility of commerce , Use precise traffic and high conversion rate to drive commercial value.


On the one hand, traditional commercial complexes attract people with scarce brand resources. In recent years, increasingly fierce competition has made it more difficult to monopolize brand resources, and put forward more professional requirements for space operations. On the other hand, the basic needs of consumers can be met in all commercial complexes, which puts forward higher requirements for the complexes to tap their own characteristics to attract customers, and it is also one of the reasons why the complexes have undergone content transformation.

In this regard, Dong Yilin, the founder of XIXI LIVE, said that the ability to operate space has also become a major competitiveness.The traditional method of simply consuming resources to compete for traffic has fallen behind. More importantly, how to create unique and high-quality art scenes and how to improve refined operational capabilitiesXIXI LIVE hopes to embody and convey the concept of “creativity” through content, so that the brand of Western Opera will be more sustainable among young people.

In terms of team background, the Western Opera team has less than 20 people and has abundant professional performance resources. The founder Dong Yilin has many years of experience in the real estate industry.


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