Experiences to keep in mind when choosing to buy Android TV box

Experiences to keep in mind when choosing to buy Android TV box

You are planning to buy an Android TV box but do not have much experience in choosing? The following basic knowledge about Android TV box will help you choose to buy quality products and suit your needs.
Android TV box is a signal transceiver running Android operating system, which can turn regular TV into smart TV, can listen to music, read newspapers, play games, … When choosing to buy Android TV box you must Interested in these important criteria.

1. Choose to buy according to configuration

If Smart TV and Internet TV are becoming more and more popular, Android TV box is also a smart choice for users when they need online entertainment on TV. An Android TV box also has configuration parameters for you to choose, the more you pay attention to the configuration, the faster Android TV box will handle, the faster, less jerky when playing games, downloading many applications. .

Parameters to consider are: Processor (CPU), RAM, internal memory, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU, which has an additional effect on the CPU, specializing in strengthening the power of image processing).

Choose to buy according to configuration.Note the configuration parameters.

Buying tips based on configuration:

Depending on the needs, we will choose to buy Android TV box based on the configuration accordingly:

– If your family only needs to listen to music, watch movies, read newspapers, YouTube, … and download some simple applications, you should choose Android TV box with dual core CPU, about 1-2 GB RAM, memory range of 8 GB and additional quad-core GPU is enough experience and can be used well (range 700 thousand to 2 million).

– If your family has many members, want to download many types of applications to your computer or play heavy games, you should buy a more terrible configuration: quad-core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 or 32 GB memory, GPU core quad or even 8. This is a bit more expensive, around 2 to 4 million.

2. Choose to buy based on the characteristics of the TV, the connection port

Currently, most LED TVs have HDMI ports, which is quite convenient for connecting to Android TV boxes. However, with older models (CRT TV), there is usually only AV port (jack 3 in white, red, yellow). Therefore, when buying Android TV boxes, it is recommended not to ignore the supporting port element to fit your home TV, otherwise you cannot use it very much.

To be sure and more secure, it is best to buy Android TV box with 2 HDMI and AV connectors, so it will be suitable for many TVs and room if one of the 2 ports connects. OK.

Choose to buy based on the characteristics of the TV, the connection port.The ports on the Android TV box also need to be aware of.

If you want to choose a high-end Smart TV box to satisfy the needs of playing games at home, then you will need products that support Bluetooth connectivity or multiple USB ports. It is best to choose the type of Android TV box with 2 USB ports, because the Android Box has many USB ports that will be able to connect with the mouse, keyboard, gaming controller, …

Audio ports are also a factor you should be especially interested in when buying. For example, in case you want to connect the TV to an array, speaker, … via Optical cable for compact but no TV, then an Android TV box with Optical port will be the perfect choice.

3. Note the wireless connection

The good Android TV box products now support connecting via Wifi. However, if the needs of your home do not just stop at watching movies, listening to high quality music, … but you want to project the screen of your phone, laptop on the TV or control the TV with your phone, … an Android TV box with full Miracast, DLNA or Bluetooth support is the first choice.

Note the wireless connection.Note the wireless connection.

4. Choose to buy by brand and price

On the market now there are many types of Android TV boxes that vary in price, brand and origin. You just need to type the keyword Android TV box to Google, there will be many suggestions. Therefore, be very alert to get the right choice. Some brands can refer to and choose to buy such as: Minix, Mygica, Himedia, Pipo, Zidoo, Kiwibox, …

Choose to buy by brand and price.Refer carefully and choose a reputable brand.

Besides, there is another suggestion for you that is Android TV box has pre-installed content. Basically, this type is also a normal Android TV box, but has been installed by the supplier of its own content packages. Some common types such as eBop, ZTV, VNPT, …

5. Choose to buy accessories

Accessories are indispensable things to enhance the user experience, when owning Android TV box, you should buy yourself additional accessories such as: Keyboard mouse, camera, gaming controller, …

When buying, you need to ask the seller if the machine certainly supports the above connections, if correct, please provide the exact name of your Android TV box to receive advice on buying a compatible, good avoid Disability money because haphazard purchase.

6. A few other notes when choosing to buy

After configuration, brand, accessories, … there are many other factors we need to keep in mind when choosing to buy Android TV box:

– Only choose to consult information and buy online when you are knowledgeable about electronic devices in the house, always remember to carefully check the information about the device configuration, brand origin, warranty, … .

– In case you are not familiar with connecting the TV with Android TV box, please go directly to the store for advice, or you can ask an experienced person to accompany. During the consultation process, you can ask them to give yourself a little experience such as: previewing the interface, the connection port, the operation to see whether it is smooth, trying the wireless connection features … to ensure the right kind and quality.

  Some other notes when choosing to buy.Pre-installed applications to facilitate use.

– Finally, an offer to have your home installed and at the same time installing the applications you want to use is essential if you do not have experience using this device.

Above are some experiences to buy Android TV box, hopefully with this much experience you will get the initial orientation and find the best Android TV box, best suited to your needs.

Thank you for reading this article.

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