Experience Xiaomi AC1200 Wifi signal booster: Supports 5GHz and 2.4GHz dual-band, cheap – beautiful

A house with many rooms or floors is quite common nowadays. In the process of using the network, I feel that Wifi waves are often unstable between rooms. Rooms near the source usually have stronger waves. Meanwhile, other rooms often have weak waves. This is because the thick layers of walls and doors prevent wave propagation through the rooms.

To solve this problem, the common way is to pull the network wire and install a Wifi transmitter, but this way will have to drill, punch the wall, and go through the wiring. Because I used Xiaomi home appliances such as sockets, lights, and smart fans, I tried to find and found the Xiaomi AC1200 Wifi extender. After using this product for 1 week, I noticed that it not only increases the signal strength but also has many other cool features.

If you are interested in the Xiaomi AC1200 Wifi extender, I bought it at the TCS store for 389,000 VND. Below is my review.

Fast and stable connection with dual frequency 5GHz and 2.4GHz

For the Xiaomi AC1200 to work, all you need to do is plug it into an electrical outlet in the room where you want the signal. It really is surprisingly simple.

I tried to see the strength of the Wifi wave. The results show that the waves are quite good with wide coverage and strong wave strength. It can cover a room radius of tens of meters with few obstacles such as walls and barriers.

Xiaomi AC1200 connection is quite simple. You just need to use the Mi Home application available on both Android and iOS platforms for very easy installation and management. Just open the application and select the corresponding device, your phone connects to Xiaomi AC1200 quite easily. At the interface after connecting, I choose the room to place the device, connect it to the original Wifi network available in the house.

After completing the setup, the Wifi wave in the room where the Xiaomi AC1200 is located has increased from two bars to the stretch without missing a single bar. The access speed after logging into the network is quite fast, similar to when I am near the original Wifi source. Testing playing Mobile Union with the wave after being activated, the game’s latency is very low with the ping level remaining stable from 27-30. For gamers, this ping level is relatively suitable.

In about a week of use, the loss of life is very rare. After researching, I learned that Xiaomi AC1200 supports dual-band 5GHz and 2.4GHz with a total bandwidth of up to 1200 Mbps. Thanks to that, it always ensures a stable network connection with the highest speed.

Another feature of Xiaomi AC1200 is AcessPoint so that it creates a private Wifi network with a different name and password. This mode will require a separate network connection for it to work properly if you have a wired network waiting and switch over with one touch.

Minimalist design suitable for many spaces

The Xiaomi AC1200 is packaged quite simply. Just open the box and it’s ready to use without having to assemble anything. This is really convenient for “lazy” people like me.

If you have ever seen Wall-E, the Xiaomi AC1200 is very much like a robot that came out of that movie. AC1200 is very compact and somewhat minimalistic.

It was simply a rectangular box with a smooth black surface with two antennas attached to it. On the front are buttons, two signal lights and a sleek MI Logo. Overall, Xiaomi AC1200 is suitable for placing in any space you want without affecting the general layout.

On the bottom edge, the machine has an Ethernet port to plug in a network cable to help you connect to the network for your TV, Laptop by connecting wire.

I tried touching it when it was working and it didn’t get too hot. Obviously, Xiaomi has solved it quite well for the AC1200 to work sustainably.


With the price of only 389,000 VND, I find the Xiaomi AC1200 signal booster really worth the investment. It’s the best simple, fast, and aesthetically pleasing solution I could find to boost WiFi in my home. Even if you work in the office or travel, Xiaomi AC1200 is a very suitable device.


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