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Experience Vietnamese Google Assistant on Sony Bravia X9500G TV: The boss and the digital age

The feeling of the Vietnamese Google Assistant experience on the Sony Bravia X9500G TV can be considered as the pleasure of a boss sitting in a five-finger, wrong-to-finger sinew finger. In the past, it was a waste of money (hiring a maid), two were expensive (wrong family); Now, with just one Android TV, Google Assistant will turn you into the true boss of a smart digital home.

Vietnamese Google Assistant – Virtual assistant exclusively for Vietnamese

In the vast number of virtual assistants, only Google Assistant is a virtual assistant who supports Vietnamese. It's not really important, because Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant at the moment, so we don't need to add another virtual assistant. It's like having a super good osin that meets all requirements, hiring an extra osin, it just costs money and makes it easy to lose your harmony in the family.

That's fun, but indeed Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant for Vietnamese people today. We depend a lot on Google's service ecosystem, from Google search, Gmail to Android systems, on both smartphones and TVs. Even in all smart home ecosystems, Google's ecosystem is easiest to implement when an electronics supermarket is enough to bring you a lot of support items that are very nutty. . That's what the Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby or LG ThinQ can't bring you.

The Vietnamese version of Google Assistant was actually only released in May last year, it was still green and very young but it was still able to turn the dreams of many Vietnamese people into reality: hiring osin to help without spending Money …. Incorrectly, there is no need to be good at English but still can use virtual assistant to control smart devices in the house. This is an extremely important factor, since anyone who has taken an international English certification exam when TOIEC or IELTS will understand why the subject is obsessed with so many generations of candidates: v

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Vietnamese language support helps Google Assistant to become more friendly with Vietnamese users, partly limiting the situations where they say they next laugh. But more importantly, it helps Vietnamese people to be more confident in accessing smart houses, the trend is growing strongly worldwide. And to do that, you don't even need a phone, but you can talk directly to your TV.

All Sony Android TV series will support Vietnamese Google Assistant

There is a coincidence but it is not coincidental that Sony is one of Android TV's companions since its debut. And when Google Assistant launches, it can be said that they are the most benefited firms up to now. From the beginning, Android TV was an excellent Smart TV operating system with a rich application store and even supported searching in Vietnamese language, but now has a virtual assistant, it is determined to be immortal. .

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Even though the Bravia X9500G TV in this article is Sony's most advanced Android LCD TV series this year, but even if you use lower 2019 models like the W800G or X8000G, it will bring a similar experience in terms of Google Assistant. That's what I like about Sony and Google, as the company always ensures uniformity of Smart TV experience across the product range. Of course, the quality of the image will depend on the power of money, but the Japanese electronics company always sets a very high standard to satisfy the fastidious (in price range).

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Equally warm is Sony also confirmed that all of their Android TV series from 2016 up to now will be upgraded to version 8.0 and thus fully support Vietnamese Google Assistant. The update will take place within the next 1 to 2 months, the brothers are rotting old Android TV, then calm down and it's our turn.

However, it should be noted that Google Assistant is still in the process of finalizing Android TV, so now you need to change the language of TV to English (UK) to use it (order still Vietnamese). The company said it will soon handle this error.

What is fun about the Vietnamese Google Assistant on Sony Bravia X9500G?

As I said from the beginning, sitting in a position ordered Google Assistant to be happy as if the boss made a sin to do housework. Depending on the smart home ecosystem you set up, it is … wrong, the virtual assistant can do simple tasks such as turning off and turning on lights, air-conditioned timer to maiden (aka robotic suction dust) clean up for you. In Delicate, we just set up a simple system with 3 smart lights, which can turn on and off as well as adjust colors.

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The command is as simple as ordering real life with the phrase "hey Google" to activate and say what you want. For example, if you want to turn off the TV light, just say "hey Google, turn off the TV light", simple and light. It's not clear how others are but I appreciate Sony's Android TV supporting Google Assistant even in standby mode, so you can still control the smart home without turning on the TV.

About the success rate when ordering, … because accommodation is the main. At the present time, the Google Assistant Vietnamese language is still being completed more and temporarily, it only recognizes the standard voice commands (aka Hanoi) but if you are too heavy in the local accent, then it is okay. In addition, some regional-style languages ​​such as "open lights" of the South do not accept it, they must "turn on the light" before they can accept it.

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Every time you receive and execute the command, Google Assistant will respond to you both in words on the screen and the voice, and see the screen showing a bunch of results from YouTube to determine that you misrepresented the command to withdraw experience for the next time. If you have never used Google Assistant, it will take a little time to get used to, but I think it is not difficult even for those who are blind about technology.

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Also note that before, Android TV originally supported Vietnamese voice search, just wanted to tell Google Assistant to use English. Coincidence is actually low, but basically you can use the "keyword" structure + on the "application you want to find". For example, the movie "Light Off – Light Out", now "Hey Google, turn off the light" then 99% is that Google Assistant will ask the opposite if you don't want to turn off any lights. Instead you can use the "Hey Google, Turn Off the Netflix" sentence to help you find the right movie better.

Android TV is the best Smart TV operating system at the moment, and Google Assistant makes it even better

It can be affirmed that Android TV is the best Smart TV operating system at the moment and Google Assistant continues to help it far out of the rest of the operating systems. The content that you can search in Vietnamese has helped Android TV to record points in the eyes of users for many years, but now also add a virtual assistant who understands Vietnamese, there is nothing to criticize. Especially if you are using an Android phone, setting up Android TV is as simple as leaving your phone next to you and pressing the sync key on the screen.

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One of the great things about Android TV is … what it also has, from popular entertainment apps like Netflix, Youtube or FPT Play to advanced AIDA64 applications to learn about system configuration. TV system. Even when the default app store of Google Play is not satisfied enough, you can even install the apk file of Android phone applications. Android TV 8.0 also marks a change in the look of the TV, making it easier to find the content you want than ever. The minimalistic style of Android TV is also a plus for those who don't like too much flashy colors of other operating systems.

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Finally, Sony had to say, the name saved so many people from the prospect of buying extra Android boxes or too expensive (Nvidia Shield) or Chinese goods. The decision to choose the Japanese TV operating system of the Japanese brand in 2016 up to this point can be said to be extremely successful, to help bring excellent Smart TV models to image and sound quality without making You inhibit to the point that you have to pay for an additional Android box. After that, the time when the people complained that just wanting a beautiful TV image and buying a transmitter made it smarter, because now all requirements can be met perfectly by Android TV. : D


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