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Experience Vespa Sprint Carbon 125 ABS – A break-out scooter

Breaking is a different choice from the concept of the majority, and to convince the majority to open up to new things, one must be good. Secondly, you are really outstanding. Vespa Sprint Carbon version is really a disruptive scooter and unlike any other scooter in the market when it has the quiet part of cafe racer cars. The majority will think this is extravagant, but I believe that Italians with the subtleties of blood flow, they have reason to create this special version of Vespa Sprint 125.

Sprint appearance The Carbon version has a black-on-black color scheme. That is, black dominates with black wheels and black wheels distinguish from normal Sprint.

Vespa also adds details of carbon and red motifs, creating sports accents in the front panel, or stamps on the body and wheels. Combined with chrome details, Sprint Carbon looks both strong and luxurious.

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In detail, I feel more interesting at Sprint Carbon 125 ABS is the seat of cafe racer models. One thing I first saw on a scooter model.

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This saddle is covered with 2 leather materials and comes in 2 different colors. Certainly, saddle design like this will not bring comfort to the occupants. But if only one person goes, this saddle looks beautiful and contributes to a lot of respect for people. Perhaps, Vespa built Sprint Carbon towards those who want to show their different, different qualities. Or it could be to give the arrogant souls to arrogance.

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Carbon Sprint hybrid equipment has no change from the standard version. The car has a USB-A port to charge the phone in the front pocket, the trunk is opened with a button, the anti-electric foot …

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The lighting system with Halogen headlight / core integrates the passing button, while the headlights and taillights use LED technology. From a personal perspective, I am satisfied with Sprint Carbon's lights, especially when traveling in the rain in Saigon for the past few days, the yellow light is good on the road and has wide coverage.

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Available to mention the rain, slippery road can not help mentioning disc brakes have anti-braking system ABS at the front wheel. This is a very safe and useful device and will help you to escape from the situation of spreading by braking at high speed or on slippery road surfaces.

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The Carbon version of Vespa Sprint features an i-Get 125 engine with a single cylinder, single SOHC camshaft and electronic fuel injection. The engine has a maximum capacity of 10.6 hp of torque of 10.4 Nm. At 120 kg, Sprint has a power / weight ratio of 8.83 horsepower / 100 kg. The parameter is that, while the actual experience, the speed of the car is stable. The scooter is fine tuned by Vespa in accordance with the needs of urban travel.

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Sprint's front suspension has shock absorbers that connect to the wheel via a single lever. This type of design is called ESS (Enhanced Sliding Suspension) and it has the advantage of vibration suppression at the top better than the traditional fork. As a result, the winter-recording is less prone to vibrations and tingles when the pauldron accelerates from standing still.

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Maybe the Sprint Carbon feel isn't as sporty as it looks, but the special feeling is there and there are many. For me, this Sprint Carbon does not just stop at a vehicle, but more than that, it is a fashion that expresses its personality. So when I run it on the road, I never feel bored myself, but rather cool, more confident.

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In short, if you want a break, something different and not just a special one, then the Vespa Sprint Carbon is a scooter for you. Definitely not out of the way.

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