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Experience using the mouse on iPadOS after 3 weeks: Convenient but still only at the basic level

Since I used the iPadOS on the first day, I immediately experienced the use of the mouse, which is what I expected from long as many people also wanted the iPad to use the mouse a day. And then that also became true.

To activate the mouse on the iPad:

  • The device must be iPadOS
  • A USB-A adapter is required if a wired mouse or USB Receiver is used
  • Go to settings (Settings) – accessibility (Accessibility) – touch (Touch) – AssistiveTouch

I am not talking about the fast processing speed between touching the screen (touch) and the mouse pointer during basic usage. But when you have an extra iPad keyboard (such as Smart Keyboard), adding a mouse will be faster than the previous touch, why?

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Imagine trying to type a text on a delicious iPad with an external keyboard, and then having to put your hand on the screen to choose to send or export the file is quite inconvenient. While the position of the mouse is right next to the keyboard, we just put our hand over and manipulate it much more comfortably, just like we use a normal computer.

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The basic things you can do with the mouse at iPadOS:

  • Usable for both wireless and wired mouse, bluetooth
  • Scroll (scroll or click)
  • Left mouse button to select, right click to open AssistiveTouch (virtual home button on the screen)
  • Speed ​​adjustment
  • Many options for double-clicking and holding, you can even assign Siri Shortcuts

Useful in using app

Lightroom, MindNode, Note, Pages, KeyNote are the applications that I use on the iPad the most, before having to touch them manually in small menu positions it is very annoying … Of course because the surface of the finger is so big, it will sometimes being mistaken. The mouse will help you with these problems to make your job easier:

  • Lightroom drag drop smoothly, measure accurately
  • MindNode pulls arrangement of charts more easily
  • Note, Pages, KeyNote or any text editor app, the mouse will help manipulate typing and mouse click takes place more smoothly than typing the keyboard and then touching the screen to touch.

Mouse support does not mean that the iPad will replace the laptop

There will be restrictions from the mouse:

  • If you lock the iPad for a while, it forces users to unplug the adapter that connects the mouse and then re-attach it
  • General mouse operations only replace touch effects, not really as advanced as mouse on a computer
  • The mouse pointer is still too big (the size of AssistiveTouch)
  • To highlight the text, click twice, do not drag naturally like on a computer mouse

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Maybe in the future, the iPadOS will optimize the use of the mouse, but in the last 3 weeks, I feel that I only stop at the basic level. Support mouse to lift iPad – especially with iPad Pro to a new level but still only in the iPad's framework, not compared to a laptop.

The reason why not replacing a laptop is very long to say, it depends on application optimization, file, data transfer, performance, … It's not just that having a mouse is fine. I also surveyed some relatives who are also using iPadOS, most of them do not care if the iPad can work with the mouse, like: "Yes, it is good, but to care every day is not."

Please share more about mouse experience on iPadOS!


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