Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F - Photo 1.

Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F

Launched at the 2019 Computex event and was immediately available a few weeks later. Just read the specifications, the Aorus KD25F and the outstanding new features can turn the popular 144Hz screens for today's FPS people into obsolescence.


The front of the Aorus KD25F is relatively 'national' with a universal overflow, leaving only a long 'bar' below the logo. Below is a single analog joystick that calibrates the parameters and features of the monitor. However, the overall screen of this screen is relatively good, especially the base.

If Aorus fans are too familiar with the statue of bird gods in the form of an impressive metal robot, then it is certain where the design of these branded display products will be inspired. .

The large V-shaped base section with stylized cylinders looks cool, disruptive and relatively sturdy. At first glance, this stand is exactly like the shape of the bird's legs which is hard to imagine.

Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F - Photo 2.

This stand is appreciated by us for its versatility when it can help change the screen high, adjust the angle in the vertical and horizontal and especially the ability to rotate along the screen. Recall that no matter what kind of setup you have, the Aorus KD25F's base can completely conquer your gaming corner design.

Experience the world's fastest game battle screen Aorus KD25F - Photo 3.

Aorus is thought to be an unnoticeable part and will be ignored by Aorus with a simple design. But no, the back with angular design, ribbed and embossed block is very good for the shape of the base to create an attractive and powerful game language. Especially this area is also equipped with beautiful RGB LEDs that we will mention later.

Diversified connections

As a high-end gaming screen, both the hidden and hidden things will be removed by gamers. The Aorus KD25F is equipped with plenty of support for gamers, such as the special high-speed Display Port (DP) port needed for video signals from 144Hz or higher. To achieve 240Hz, certain gamers use this connection with the PC.

Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F - Photo 4.

In addition, connecting to a more popular model is HDMI, which is also equipped with 2 ports for other devices with smaller signals such as PS4, Xbox one or Nintendo Switch.

It is very rare to see the appearance of both the 3.5mm audio port in and out on a monitor. More specifically, the audio port on the Aorus KD25F also integrates active anti-noise technology ANC quite well and brings the necessary concentration for gamers.

Finally, the high-speed USB connection for gamers can connect the mouse, keyboard … if it is missing, however, it is also quite difficult to plug because it has to be lowered or crawled back to fit, it will be perfect more if placed on the horizontal side, not below the headline after this. Of course it is still better than not, sometimes it's quite convenient.

The visibility is not perfect with every need, but the game is excellent

The platform used by the Aorus KD25F is TN platform which is too familiar to users because of its outstanding advantages in scanning frequency as well as response speed. For FPS gamers in particular and highly competitive games in general, these two factors are extremely important.

That's why the Aorus KD25F can't have things like a wide-angle view, brilliant color quality is as sparkling and real as life … to achieve tremendous speed. To be fair, Gigabyte – Aorus also made great efforts to improve the visibility of the product to narrow the gap in the quality of the colors becoming more eye-catching and temporary.

Experience RGB on the Aorus KD25F screen

In addition, the AMD FreeSync synchronization feature is also used to avoid picture ripping when the graphics card and monitor cannot find a common voice.

The Black Equalizer 2.0 mode is also an impressive step for the Aorus when producing screens with the creation of a deeper black color that allows gamers to fully experience every corner of the game world in the darkest areas or At night.

… and powerful assistants

OSD Sidekick is one of the very good screen control applications, although many people will ignore it. No need to fumble on buttons, it doesn't take hours to get the desired picture quality. All you need is a mouse and a few clicks!

Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F - Photo 6.

Along with the Aorus KD25F, there is a Dashboard system that displays the system's parameters in real time, but you no longer have to install MSI Afterburner and update it continuously. Or even the heartbeat that supports shooter, frame counter … are built into the screen and just turn on and track them, without any other 3rd party software.

Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F - Photo 7.

If you're a flashy RGB gamer who wants to personalize their PC system, the Aorus KD25F is also compatible with motherboard systems, graphics cards and countless other products on the RGB Fusion application. The new 2.0 Gigabyte – Aorus. A range of exciting effects await your creativity.

Experiment with the popular FPS game and the most demanding present CS: GO, we are completely convinced by the smoothness of playing on the Aorus KD25F at 240Hz. Also by using AMD graphics card, we also enjoy extremely excellent AMD FreeSync mode in this extreme high-speed gaming condition up to 240 FPS. The crisp, bright images have deepened the excitement to forget the task of testing this screen and playing CS: GO for hours!

Experience the world's fastest battle screen game Aorus KD25F - Photo 8.

The expected price for this rare screen will definitely not be cheap, but 13.5 million could be totally worth what gamers can experience, especially with their favorite gamers. Action genre, FPS.

Close up of the world's fastest screen

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