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Experience the "Super zoom" shooting on OPPO Reno 10X Zoom

After the overview experience of the OPPO Reno 10X Zoom camera, I focused on exploiting the feature introduced a lot – super zoom shooting, taking a closer look at the quality of images and benefits this camera offers, to share with brother. To tell you more, the Reno 10X Zoom's maximum zoom capability is up to 60X

Real-life video experience when zooming, I turned the screen back so you can see how this zoom feature is shown in the Reno 10X Zoom.

I change the focus when zooming so you can easily refer to asthma. 35mm Film Focal Length:

  • 26mm (normal 1x)
  • 52mm (2X)
  • 156mm (6X)
  • 260mm (10X)
  • 1560mm (60X)

Below are the pictures I took when zooming the 6x, 10x and 60x .. with different scenes, from humans to architecture and landscape. Please consult.

Loading 00031Reno10x .jpg ...

I came to Landmark81 building with the aim of standing in the upper position to see the city, so use the zoom feature to look at every detail of the small architecture in the areas I see. A few days ago, Saigon is quite cloudy, the sky is not clear, you sympathize. Above photo taken from 16mm ultra wide camera.

Tele camera parameters: 13MP | f / 3.0 | 130mm focal length (5X zoom), Laser / PDAF focus support, vibration reductionOIS.

Loading 00025Reno10x .jpg ...

Look at Bitexco, use 2x zoom.

Loading 00024Reno10x .jpg ...

Start pushing up 6X. Maybe you'll wonder why 6X, not 5X, is because the zoom zoom on Reno 10X zooms include 1X, 2X, 6X, 10X so I use it accordingly. When shooting at this 6X, the AI ​​is still used and automatically calibrates the color, contrasting According to the scene that it recognizes.

Loading 00022Reno10x .jpg ...

This is a 10X zoom of the Reno 10X Zoom. It can be seen that the details shown are quite good, you can shoot and then edit to post FB play. I continue to look around and take pictures of the things I like.

Loading 00019Reno10x .jpg ...

Part of this park of Landmark 81 park. At this time, the sun is a little bit clearer, the picture has a better color, but if you like it, you can adjust the color saturation for the image to look after it, easily.

Loading 00033Reno10x .jpg ...

This cluster of buildings is designed quite well.

Loading 00017Reno10x .jpg ...

Look over Saigon Bridge, make another 10X plate.

Loading 00021Reno10x .jpg ...

Looking down at the outdoor campus of the 75th-floor cafe, seeing a pretty girl should press another sheet.

Loading 00020Reno10x .jpg ...

I have a lover .. this is a 2X zoom.

Shooting zoom in low light, dark conditions.

Lack of light is always a huge challenge for taking photos with a phone. That is when not only the image is not good, but also the processing speed of the camera when shooting again, especially the display that jerks, lag lag when moving frames or is subject to blur. .. So, even if the zoom is taken, I don't know how the image is brought.

Loading IMG20190622150240_01.jpg ...

I went into an ice skating area, looked quite wide and of course, lack of light to take pictures, so I still skidded around ..

Loading 00042Reno10x .jpg ...

Turn on 6X to take a shot first, the screen displays smooth, no lag at all, so you can use it as a binoculars to move and watch.

Loading 00038Reno10x .jpg ...

Continuing to be 6X, this image with me is usable, the motion is captured, the details are fine even though the interpolation is quite good.

Loading 00039Reno10x .jpg ...

Now 10X, a boy fell after a slight collision, he is now much interpolated, but still acceptable

Loading 00036Reno10x .jpg ...

A young man who is very skilful, the speed of auto shooting has decreased so the feeling of this girl's movement is slightly blurry.

Loading 00037Reno10x .jpg ...

I switched to the panning method but it was quite difficult, because the frame stabilization feature of the machine, so the panning to take the shot would cause the frame to jerks slightly when clinging to fast motion.

Try zooming at night.

Loading 00057Reno10x .jpg ...

The left picture is a super wide angle when shooting at night so you can see the whole scene, the right is after Zoom 10X, it's pretty : D

And here are a few photos I went to Rock & Share show with Mr. Bao to shoot. Stand almost after everyone, turn on the zoom and shoot, some frames need to be met again, use the EV bar to compensate.
With the electronic 60X zoom capability from the 10X zoom camera, you can use it to see things that are far away from the blind, but certainly will not get the quality of images used, but only blurry pictures. only While not really effective, the OPPO future may be able to do something with this 60X zoom : D.

This is a picture of Saigon bridge from above to the whole scene, the standard angle of view is 26mm (1X) compared to the right image zooming up to 60X.

Loading IMG20190622154949.jpg ...

Here are comparisons from 10X and 60X

Loading 00018Reno10x .jpg ...

The left photo is a 10X zoom, which must be 60X in Saigon Bridge.

Loading 00007Reno10x .jpg ...

On the left is 1X, on the right is 50X. I took the Bitexco building from an old apartment building, saw the flag outside Bitexco's flight hall, and the eye often saw from here only a black spot : D

But the advantage of this zoom feature on the Reno 10X Zoom

  • With the 2X, 6X, and 10X zoom capabilities, the quality is quite good, helping to confidently capture scenes from a distance, when inaccessible. Or take advantage of the focal effect from this zoom capability to be creative when taking more photos.
  • When shooting the zoom, the camera still turns on AI to support the captured image, such as recognizing the scene to adjust the color and contrast so that the image can be better.
  • The OIS and EIS dual anti-shake feature is activated when you take a zoom, so there's no need to worry about vibrating when shooting with a super telephoto focal length. However, this frame stabilization gives you a smooth feeling when shooting moving subjects.
  • Shooting the 60X zoom still feels blurry, but it's really ineffective.
  • The ability to shoot with zoom under low light conditions is quite good.
  • The zoom capability is quite smooth, without much delay, making it easier to capture the remote moment.
  • It is a good option to add in the focal range, so you can relax while taking a photo, just use a phone.


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