Experience the overflow screen on Huawei Y9 Prime: Reading books, watching movies is very comfortable

Experience the overflow screen on Huawei Y9 Prime: Reading books, watching movies is very comfortable

Ultra FullView screen

Ultra FullView Ultra-wide screen is the next step of Huawei's FullView display technology. Specifically, the new screen technology will cover an area of ​​almost the entire front of the machine with a slender frame around it. And Ultra FullView provides a complete look instead of a part of a rabbit ear or water droplet like previous generations.

Screen size 6.59 inch IPS panel for wide viewing angle.

Huawei Y9 Prime is equipped with Ultra FullView screen size of 6.59 inches with a resolution of 1,080 x 2,340 pixels in 19.5: 9 ratio using LTPS IPS LCD panel with a pixel density of 391ppi.

Y9 Prime's border overflow screen reaches 91% screen / body aspect ratio, providing an optimal size design in the price range that helps maintain the body neatly in maximum effort to display space.

This screen provides a range of display colors up to 85% wide in color space and displays deeper black in the range of LCD technology. Removing the missing part like rabbit ears brings the plus point to the eyes because the roundness helps to see the content is more eye-catching.

The "rabbit ears" section is removed so the Fullview display is perfect.

Viewing angles of the device also promote the strength of IPS panels with only slightly dark colors when turning the observation angle. The device also supports adjusting the color temperature, brightness according to users' preferences. Green light filter feature of the eye protection machine and certified by TÜV Rheinland.

In low light conditions, screen brightness can be reduced to a low 2 nits, making it easy to display content, without glare.

The wide, sharp screen incorporates a long ratio to help Huawei Y9 Prime meet the demand of enjoying movies, especially movies with cinematic ratio, cinema. Specifically, Huawei Y9 Prime supports streaming Youtube videos to Full HD 1080p resolution.

Browsing the web on a borderline screen will see more content.

Experience the screen

The maximizing of the border to the full screen design helps the boundary between the smartphone screen and the ambience to be blurred to become more fragile to provide a more realistic and vivid visual experience.

In fact, when viewing images on Huawei Y9 Prime, users will feel the image is "flying" floating in the air. The screen border has become slimmer and will no longer be big enough to interfere with users' vision when they are tracking content on smartphones.

The image seems to be hovering in the air because the machine has a very thin screen border.

Applying the 19.5: 9 ratio helps to set the body to become longer and more with a gesture navigation system – Swipe up (Home), Swipe from the left or right edge (Back), Swipe up and stop between (Task Switcher) – allows users to remove virtual keys and maximize display space on the device.

Y9 Prime's long-screen aspect ratio has approached the "golden" ratio which is becoming the norm in the film world promising to bring voyeurism when displaying the content of theatrical movies that are gradually gaining popularity.

Especially when more and more smartphones favor long-term rates like 18: 9 or 19.5: 9 … multimedia content that applies this new rate will also increase and the number will become more abundant to meet Timely entertainment needs.

Watch the video overflow on your favorite 2019 Y9 Prime.

In addition, the long ratio also helps Huawei Y9 Prime to have a larger display area of ​​6.59 inches while the size is only equivalent to the 6 inch phablets in the previous 16: 9 ratio. And this helps the device display more content. For example, page scrolling will be minimized when surfing the web, reading e-books or browsing long documents …

Ultra FullView screen also responds to more efficient work requirements. Specifically, the multitasking feature splits two windows to bring more display space for each application.

Reading without being obscured by "rabbit ears" feels comfortable.

That is, users can both watch online videos on youtube and can type the keyboard to reply to emails or OTT chat without having to worry about the movie being interrupted, stopping playing midway. Moreover, Huawei Y9 Prime's EMUI platform also allows displaying "floating" video content on two multitasking windows.


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