Experience the mobile games on Steam and PC

BlueStacks Inside: experience mobile games on Steam and PC

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After BlueStacks 4 allows emulation of mobile games, the BlueStacks Inside program allows mobile game developers to now release Steam games and other PC platforms.

BlueStacks – PC gaming platform just released BlueStacks InsideThis is a new SDK that brings mobile games to PC platforms like Steam and Discord

BlueStacks Inside allows mobile game developers to bring their games on Steam with a simple integrated SDK – no need to make port for PC as before

Initially, this platform will be highly configured by game developers such as KOG Games, Funplus, Fables Game Studio Apply for games available on Steam

Developers are gradually starting from big budgets to develop mobile games with big games investing as much effort as Lineage 2 Revolution and PUBG Mobile, with the quality of graphics and gameplay are pushing the limits of mobile devices to very high. This also makes gamers constantly upgrade their phones year by year to be able to "catch up" to the requirements of these games.

BlueStacks Inside gives developers the opportunity to reach more and more valuable PC-based players without having to hire another dedicated PC development team. Players can use their PC to perform heavy graphics tasks that games that the phone can hardly meet perfectly

Mr. Rosen Sharma – CEO of BlueStacks said: “We eliminate the constraints of separate development teams to bring mobile games to PC players. When released with BlueStacks, a player will download the game via Steam and get the full game experience. And that's not just BlueStacks or Steam. Think it's a PC game. ”

BlueStacks Inside for Steam will allow developers access to a variety of features such as: simple and mandatory payment integration, replacing traditional app stores, Community Center, Promotions and Competitions Dinh Vien and Steam's Collection. Besides, Steam Wallet will handle all in-game purchases like traditional app store.

BlueStacks Inside is currently being released with several partners. Can point through Pirates Outlaws from Fables Game Studio debuted on Steam in GDC in March and is currently available in the Steam store

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