Experience the Lavor Hero105AC water pressure sprayer: Compact multi-purpose, convenient 180-degree nozzle - VnReview
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Experience the Lavor Hero105AC water pressure sprayer: Compact multi-purpose, convenient 180-degree nozzle – VnReview

Despite its compact size, the Lavor Hero 105AC is still equipped with magnetic induction motor technology (no brushes). With this engine the machine runs stronger and quieter, can work continuously for many hours.

If you are a person who does not like washing cars in the shop but is very afraid to buy bulky and noisy washing machines, the product from the Lavor brand called Hero 105AC will be a very good choice.

The product is now officially sold by the New Age distributor in Vietnam for VND 2.49 million, applying a 12-month warranty period.

Open the box and design

Lavor Hero 105AC owns an impressive compact design, the machine measures 38x18x28 cm (length x width x height) and the weight of the device is only 6 kg. The top of the device is designed by the manufacturer to make the handle easy to move, the start switch of the machine is also located near the handle to facilitate one-hand operation. With this design looks like a hand dumbbell. Fun a little, with a weight of 6Kg, you absolutely can take advantage of this machine to make a dumbbell, both washing the car and improving health.

The whole body of the machine is made of fire-resistant ABS plastic, resistant to strong bumps. Water in and out of the device is designed on the two sides. The impressive point is that despite its compact size, the machine is still equipped with brushless induction motor. This helps the machine operate more smoothly but still ensure a strong operating capacity.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the maximum pressure that the machine reaches is 90 bar, with this pressure we can completely wash the truck. To create this pressure, the brushless induction motor blocks up to three pistons that are cast aluminum. The water jet is sprayed with strong pressure, helps wash the car quickly while saving water and electricity.

Using magnetic water jet machine using magnetic induction motor such as Lavor Hero 105 AC brings many advantages. The machine is durable and quiet, requiring less maintenance and maintenance, it creates stronger water force, can work for many hours. However, their disadvantage is that the price is quite high compared to the models using brush motor.

The spray gun of the machine is also correspondingly compact, easy to hold and control with the 2 attached nozzles to create different spray angles. A 180-degree rotating nozzle can change the angle of spraying to wash some places hidden behind obstacles, along with very strong water repulsion, we can spray under the car or at low angles.

The remaining nozzles can change from a concentrated jet to a particle for watering plants or other uses. Part pressure injection machine is designed by thick plastic, 6m length to help users comfortable to use without having to use additional electrical outlets to connect the machine.

The inside of the product box includes: Spray gun, 1 180 degree rotating nozzle, 6 meter high pressure line, spray nozzle with generators and 1 radiating nozzle.

Experience using

To use the Lavor Hero 105 AC water pressure sprayer, we only need the following simple steps: connect the machine to clean water and turn on the start switch to be able to use. With a compact design, we can easily move the device to the location of use and store it neatly stored after use.

Practical experience shows that the water jet of the sprayer is very strong and even, the noise level of the machine is not too large, the user can still hear the surrounding sound. To control the injection pressure we will adjust by changing the distance from the spray gun to the vehicle. If a strong pressure is needed, we can simply pull the trigger and bring the gun close to the position to be cleaned.

When washing cars and motorcycles, we should keep the gun about 1.5m away from the car to ensure the pressure at 50-60 bar, which is the safety threshold for these two vehicles.

The nozzle can be rotated 180 degrees and the machine is a powerful aid to help users wash the chassis or narrow, low angles that conventional nozzles cannot operate.

This Lavor washing machine model is very water-saving, according to the manufacturer’s specifications with 1 hour of continuous running, the machine will dispense 300 liters of water. To make it easier for you to imagine, with a commercial pump usually reaching a capacity of 50 liters / minute, so 1 hour of distribution flow of conventional pumps will be 3000 liters of water.

To test the machine’s ability to save water, we use a 50 liter water tank. After washing a motorbike with the cycle: spraying water to clean rough dust on the car -> spray water with foam to clean -> spray water to clean the foam.

The car wash process takes 10 minutes and the tap water consumes only 45 liters of water and the electricity consumes 0.071KW. So washing the car with the Lavor hero 105AC is now easier and more economical than using a traditional car wash at home.

In addition to car washing, we can use this product for washing garden dirt around the house, moss, sticky soil for rain in the garden or fence, roof, … With powerful engine creates With high water pressure, the Lavor Hero 105 AC easily and quickly removes stains even on hard surfaces.


Lavor Hero 105 AC is a model of water pressure injection machine from famous Italian brand with good performance. Compact design, weighing only 6 kg brings convenience when moving and easy to store when not in use. The machine uses a brushless induction motor to provide a durable, smooth operation experience, saving water, saving power, effort and time for users. Hopefully, the sharing of our product experience will help you choose the right product for your needs.


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