Experience the camera camera 4G Mirror Procam Mcam: too capable, priced at 5.9 million - VnReview

Experience the camera camera 4G Mirror Procam Mcam: too capable, priced at 5.9 million – VnReview

The camera is now a universal device with drivers to record the entire journey while providing warning information, speed and the risk of colliding with other vehicles circulating on the road. .

The product of the experience today of VnReview is 4G Mirror Procam M98 camera, currently distributed by Dang Class Digital company in Vietnam market for VND 5.9 million. In addition to the product, buyers of 4G Mirror Procam M98 also receive a memory card, SIM 4G and movie viewing account.


Unlike the Procam models we reviewed before, M98 is designed to be a smart "rearview mirror" for cars. This means that the design of the product is exactly like a normal rearview mirror, except that the screen size is larger (8 inches) and thicker to contain "smart" components inside.

When turned off, the front facing mirror will help M98 act as a mirror. The brightness of the mirror image is not as good as a normal mirror, but still sufficient for normal use. Around mirror-coated screens are hard plastic layers that are machined / assembled firmly.

The back of the product has a tuck to attach to the rearview mirror of the car. It is noteworthy that Procam does not place the central heat sink slot but above and below the body, which helps to escape heat better because it is not shielded by the mirror.

The main camera cluster is deflected toward the driver's seat, can be pulled out and screwed this camera to the direction to get the desired angle. This camera cluster has a 160-degree wide-angle f / 2.0 aperture and uses OmniVision 2718 sensor.

Speaker of the product

The device's power button is made quite large, easy to press

The top edge of the connection ports such as the rear camera image signal jack, GPS signal, memory card slot, sim slot and 1 mini USB port for power supply.

The M98 rear camera can record 720P resolution video and has ambient infrared lights that support clearer night recording. As with most models of other cruise cameras, users will have to use a connecting cable to attach the rear camera to the car. The connection cord is not too big but firm, ensuring both aesthetics and use. The length of the wire is also sufficient to use for 7-seat cars.

Installation and use

Inside the box, the manufacturer sells accessories including: charging the car plug (connecting to the camera via mini-USB port), rear camera, GPS device and manual in English. All of these accessories are connected through the ports on the top of the body, which is also where users install a memory card and SIM card.

To mount the product on a mirror, users will use two rubber jaws behind. The position of the jaw is quite reasonable, it does not cause difficulties when installing and is not loose, vibration when going through the bumpy roads (used with Kia Morning cars).

Experience the road

On startup, M98 will take users to the familiar Android interface of Procam. The icons are large, giving users quick access to features like music playing, routing, FM radio, camera or Car Assist.

Inside the product, the manufacturer has built-in ADAS software capable of lane deflection, distance reminder and vehicle tracking at the park. However, since M98 is designed to replace conventional rearview mirrors, we also often use products to stream images directly from the rear camera instead of from the front camera. This also limits the usefulness of the ADAS features already available on the product.

Display quality continues to be a strong point of Procam. With the default settings, M98 has a bright color image and is not blurred. This strength not only helps drivers track the way in the process of moving but also helps the Android app experience on the device become more attractive.

With quad-core chip configuration and 2GB of RAM, M98 has no trouble recording 1080p (wide-angle) images from the front camera and 720p (infrared) from the back. The recorded video quality is also quite good, smooth movement, clear colors and easy to distinguish.

When moving dark, the rear camera automatically switches to infrared mode. Images in this mode are still clear, easily distinguishing objects in the frame.

Each 3-minute video recording at FullHD resolution from this journey camera has a capacity of about 250MB. Thus, a 16GB memory card is provided with a camera that can record the journey for about 3 hours continuously. After the memory is full, the camera will overwrite previously saved files. In the event of a sudden collision, the camera will also mark and lock the file recorded in that moment as an important file, without overwriting.

Like other Procam models, users can use iOS / Android application to directly monitor the captured image of M98 right on their smartphone. For user convenience, the videos are split into 2 minutes at a time. If a collision is detected, the video being captured will be automatically locked immediately – unfortunately, the device will still "lock up" when the vehicle enters the road.

Full Android experience

As a true Android device, M98 can take on the role of entertainment equipment when the driver stops. Through the Google Play app store on the device, users can install additional mapping / routing applications, music / video playback services, listen / call applications, etc.

When inserting a SIM card, M98 can livestream the captured image and can also act as a security camera, allowing the driver to track the car whenever needed. Hotspot features are available so that passengers on the car can use Wi-Fi to access the Internet while the car is moving.

However, when used as an Android device, the device's configuration is quite low compared to current mid-range phones: 2GB RAM and an old MTK 6735 processor. This configuration is enough to ensure the comfortable use of the camera's specific features but it would be difficult to use M98 as a gaming machine.


Compared to the folding or ceiling mounting design of other cruise cameras, M98's rearview mirror design will probably "pick up" users. However, users who prefer this design, M98 is a very desirable option: stable operation, sharp and clear images, various entertainment / communication features (via Android) , many options for routing services and many useful ADAS features.


+) Camera sharp, stable operation.

+) Many ADAS features, multiple routing options.

+) Full Android operating system.

+) Reasonable price.


-) Low battery life, requires almost constant charging.

-) The video lock feature when colliding may be confused when entering the squirrel line.

Video experience camera for 4G Mirror Procam M98 journey

Dao Truong

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