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Experience SYM Elite 50: gentle car for urban, suitable for students and women

SYM Elite 50 is one of the 50 cc engine models that is being sold in Vietnam. This model will be suitable for students from 16 years of age to operate a motor vehicle without a driver's license or older sisters who need a light, easy-to-control vehicle for daily travel.

The 50 cc models are not well-liked by big brands, but this segment still has brothers who want to buy a car for their wives to go to the market, send their children to the 10th grade or older people. So Elite 50 is one of those options that meets such criteria.

SYM Elite 50 offers a modern, nostalgic design by the car's stylish lines of 1970s scooter designs. The curves show clearly throughout the car. Modern features shown in halogen lights, though not LED technology, but the lighting capacity as well as the night use efficiency with SYM is not discussed.

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The main lamp section is designed with a large size, the sides of the side with turn signal lights are placed on both sides at a higher position than the main light. I like the sub-lamp right below because it can illuminate well with the wide coverage at eye level. While recent LED clusters do not provide such a wide range of views.

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The hip shows the neatness in the design of the car, along with the design of the letter S, which is more suitable for women than men. The floor is wide and flat, the seat is wide and comfortable for the driver.

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The rear part of the car with a small light cluster still has good light at night. Sturdy car handle is shiny chrome plated. The rear wheel of the car has an inner mudguard, next to the outer mudguard, ensuring no impact on the rear runner.

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With 740mm height, the car is extremely suitable for young people in grade 10, or female about 1.5 meters or 1.55 meters tall. The width of the rear saddle is large so the person behind will be more comfortable. The front saddle is peeled to make it easier to resist the foot.

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The watch face is designed to blend between modern and classic features to create a charm for the car. Table clock has oval design and curved design floating on top. The graphic displays the number of kilometers clearly, below is the display of gasoline. The vehicle has a turn signal on the separate dashboard on both sides for easy monitoring.

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The winter recorder of the car is designed so it is easy to control, along with a low turning radius so turning the car is easy. Details of buttons on the sides of the steering wheel with the color scheme are not suitable for the style of the car. SYM uses a variety of tones for the two sides of the handle, control buttons, and color schemes that are not very beautiful.

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There is one detail on the light section of the scooter which is that the front light system places the spotlight and illuminates near the same control button. As a habit, we often put a lot of effort to open close lights on regular cars, horizontally between demi lights or fog. While Elite 50 is again the location of the headlights. So if you open the light in the city without noticing it, you accidentally used the wrong purpose. In return, the symmetrical knots on both sides of the steering wheel are very harmonious, regular, consistent with the overall of the car.

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The storage compartment under the saddle is spacious and convenient, can hold a half-helmet and some personal items such as wallet, raincoat. The gas cover is placed outside on the back of the seat, no need to worry about opening the saddle when parking the gas like other models. However, unlocking the fuel tank is easy to confuse with opening the trunk on some other scooter lines. Although SYM has designed a stronger gas lid to open electricity, I still know how to open the fuel tank lid during the first use.

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At 84 kg, the car easily takes and takes out in narrow parking lots. The front part is easy to lift and the tail is easy to take, of course the rear is always heavier than the front.

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The Elite 50's driving feel is slowed by the 50 cc engine for a maximum capacity of 3.62 horsepower at 8,000 rpm, the same torque of 33 Nm 7,000 rpm. You cannot ask for this car to have instant acceleration like a car or a car with a higher volume. The maximum speed that vehicles can reach when carrying 2 people is 55 km / h, perhaps SYM has limited this speed to suit the traffic rules of the vehicle.

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The Elite 50 suspension responds well when the rear shock absorber is soft enough, the front fork is tougher, creating good firmness when traveling on rough roads. Soft saddle also brings comfort when moving. Although there is a separate leg room, but because the overall length is shorter than the larger displacement scooters, the foot of the rear will be a bit tight compared to the previous occupant.

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Overall, the reference price of VND 22.19 million for SYM Elite 50 may not be able to convince the majority if compared to the models with larger volume. However, Elite 50 is in its own segment but not many genuine distributors in Vietnam. Those are the brothers who want to buy a car for their wives to go to the market, for their children to go to high school, for the elderly who need a light car when traveling in urban areas. When compared to high-end electric cars, the Elite 50's price is still better and is always available for fuel so you can move at any time.



































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