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Experience Sennheiser Momentum Wireless for 3 weeks

3 4 years ago, I was the one who stigmatized the bluetooth headsets, because they are one with noise, 2 is very bass, 3 is very bass and harsh treble. But then, when Sony released WH-1000XM3, I felt that this thought was a bit wobbly. Up to now, with Sennheiser Momentum Wireless, I feel that noise-canceling wireless headphones are increasingly threatening the traditional plug-and-play hi-end headphones. 11 million, the price of Momentum Wireless in general is not too high, the remaining problem is performance, sound quality commensurate with each silver spent. .

main function

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The first thing to be evaluated, also the most important feature, is the noise resistance of Momentum Wireless. Born after giving birth late, but Momentum Wireless has the ability to filter the noise in the mid range and treble very noticeably, when anyone screams loudly or ambulances, motorbike horns, I can still pay attention with the intensity not too high , at least I found that the mid-range filter efficiency is better than the Bose NC 700, the bass strip noise reduction is also better, maybe because Sennheiser's earpad is thicker and better so when wearing the feeling of being full, more secretive. At 2pm, on the front of Dinh Bo Linh street, there were quite a lot of heavy container trucks passing by, I saw the hum and buzzing caused by the resonance caused by Momentum to eliminate quite easily.

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Momentum Wireless's earpads are very smooth, thick and orgasmic, wearing glasses does not affect the overall sound quality because it fits quite close to the face. In terms of sound performance, Momentum Wireless has good sound quality and is suitable for many types of music. The headset also automatically connects very quickly to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, just fold it, it is very convenient when you need to switch devices continuously. What I still find a bit confusing and unsatisfied is that the row of buttons above, too many new buttons should be easy to press the wrong -_-


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The headband and earpad cover of the headset are made from real sheepskin material for a very comfortable feeling to wear, and also luxurious. The earcup straps are molded from stainless steel with a simple and stylized extension / collapse design. Earcup can also be rotated slightly to the sides to squeeze more tightly into the ear, but still cool but will not be ideal for people who sweat a lot.

If talking about external design, Momentum Wireless is not much different from previous Momentum models, maybe it is just in the surface of the keys on the right earcup rim. The plastic keys and sliders are now completely changed to a rough rubber material for a smoother click. Pressing the pairing Bluetooth key once will activate the virtual assistant, and when you fold the headset, it will turn itself off, without the need for a power key. Open the headset, it will automatically turn on, very fast and convenient. Momentum Wireless also knows how to play / stop music when you wear or remove headphones, as well as allowing simultaneous connection to two sources.

The included accessory includes a carrying case, 3.5mm cable and USB-C charging cable. Accompanied by a case that is quite soft fabric, this is neither a cloth bag nor a hard case, the main effect is simply to hold ears. Also, plug the USB-C cord into a smartphone with USB-C or plug into a laptop as a DAC.

Users can download the Sennheiser Smart Control app (available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store) to set up more details for Momentum Wireless. Features provided include EQ correction, activate virtual voice assistant and Transparent Hearing (adjust the amount of noise). Users can also adjust the noise level according to 3 modes: Anti-Pressure (when traveling), Anti-Wind (anti-wind) and Maximum (maximum).

Noise resistance and battery life

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The noise resistance of Momentum Wireless can be assessed as quite good, losing to the WH-1000XM3, which is a good anti-low noise but better than the high range, such as baby cries and whistles, and obviously, noise-canceling experience. Sennheiser better than the Bose NC 700.

Momentum Wireless has a battery life of about 13 ~ 14 hours with noise canceling enabled, and this figure increases when you lower the noise level, up to 17 hours of use. When the battery runs out in an emergency, users can still plug in the charger via USB-C and quickly charge 10 minutes for 1.5 hours of use.

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App Smart Control will display the remaining battery power of the headset so you do not need to be too worried about what to do. Holding the multitasking key on the headset for 2 seconds also informs you of the remaining battery life.

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless supports both Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC connectivity, of course your smartphone must also have NFC. Compatible codecs include AAC, aptX and aptX-LL. You can also use the 3.5mm cable accessory that comes with Momentum Wireless for higher music quality, unfortunately this cable does not support voice mic or remote control.

Sound quality

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Coming from Sennheiser, the sound quality of Momentum Wireless after hearing for 3 weeks has become calm and expanded to an open soundstage with the most attractive tone of all noise-canceling wireless headphones on the market today. With a lot of listeners like me or a few other brothers may find a few unsatisfactory points, but for common users, Momentum Wireless will be able to fascinate them immediately. The point that is not satisfactory to me is in the treble, below I will talk more specifically later.

The bass range of this headset sounds very stimulating to almost all types of music today. Bass beat dress, smooth, smooth and extremely easy to hear and catch the ear because the upper-bass is pushed up quite a bit so the force and dynamics are also noticeable. I listened to it Underneath your clothes of Shakira, She will be loved by Maroon 5, a bit of Charlotte De Witte's Dark Techno is really impressive. Perhaps, Momentum True-wireless is a noise-canceling wireless headset with the best bass band I've ever owned.

Momentum Wireless's midrange is sweet and easy to listen to, keeping details and inner strength of voices like Tuan Ngoc, Jennifer Warnes or Saxophone at a subtle and attractive level. This one's not balanced : D It has a rich, charismatic color tone in high and mid bass. Listen to the golden music of Thanh Tuyen and Che Linh In the old days, he said You will see the vocal twists and turns, catches your breath, is very sad. Clamp more delicious bass strip as mentioned above, this child is really a headset with a high level of medicine.

Treble has a decent level of detail, which means it is still rich in detail but to beat up the energy of the high tones, it doesn't reach that level, it doesn't make hi-hat beats a startle : D From 2.5kHz to 5kHz is softly and comfortably softened, meaning that the intensity of this interval tends to fade gradually as we climb, I guess it is about 1dB. This is good for an on-the-go headset like Momentum Wireless to better fit a variety of music, especially bad recordings, with mid-treble / treb.

The great strength of the new Momentum Wireless is the spacious and extremely comfortable music space to reinterpret great symphonies like Firebird Suite (Firebird Suite) by Stravinsky, played by Eiji Oue. The layers of music instruments are well separated, the space with the height and depth of the stage appears like you are sitting in the 3rd or 4th row and watching the orchestra playing. And yet, if you use this child to listen to excellent live recordings like Big Tears Fall Nils Lofgren, you will see us sitting very close to the stage with cheers and applause surrounded, three-dimensional space emerging clearly.

Microphone quality of Momentum Wireless can be ranked in quite a line, not too bad but nothing praiseworthy. The person who hears the other phone will immediately know you're talking with a headset because it will be a little muffled : D, and if you have a low voice, it will sound like you are far from the microphone.

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With a price of nearly 11 million, you may need to think a little bit before deciding to buy Sennheiser Momentum Wireless. However, with a well-built appearance, finished with high quality materials, made in Romania, combined with a very good sound quality. Perhaps not exaggerating when Momentum Wireless is one of the most noise-canceling headphones worth buying today.

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