Experience Samsung Galaxy A50s: A mid-range device suitable for gaming, taking pictures

Experience Samsung Galaxy A50s: A mid-range device suitable for gaming, taking pictures


The appearance of the Galaxy A50s is completely similar to the Galaxy A50 brother from the Infinity-U waterdrop style screen and physical measurements to the layout of the three main cameras angled at the back of the device.

Perhaps the rare difference in the design of the Galaxy A50s comes from the back decoration that expresses more personality with the diamond-shaped polygonal texture patterns interwoven creating a strange feeling. Effects on the back of the device become prominent with the blue and black versions while the white version is softer.

The device maintains a slim 7.7mm thinness while still inside the large battery up to 4,000mAh. The front design of the device is beveled with a sharp edge – although the "chin" is still large, which is reasonable compared to the price range – incorporating the curved detail at the corners and edges to create a feeling of holding the hand, pleasant despite having 6.4 inch large screen. Galaxy A50s is seamlessly finished from front to back for a firm grip.

For communication, the Galaxy A50s supports dual nanoSIM trays that come with separate memory cards. It uses a convenient USB Type C charging port, and of course it is indispensable to have a 3.5mm headphone port on the bottom of the bottom, which is convenient for choosing additional headphones.

Configuration is good

Galaxy A50s still uses 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with Full HD + resolution of 19.5: 9 similar to its predecessor, providing eye-catching colors and high contrast. Along with that, the device continues to apply an optical fingerprint sensor in the screen with the improvement in fingerprint recognition speed.

The A50s hardware is slightly upgraded from Exynos 9610 to Exynos 9611 which is still 10nm, octa-core and the same processing speed. According to the introduction, Exynos 9611 is slightly better than Exynos 9610 in the ability to support high-resolution cameras, the main camera up to 48MP on the A50s, boost AI and fine-tune performance to be equal to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chip. Exynos 9611 is still the same with Mali-G72 MP3 graphics.

The 15W fast charger helps Galaxy A50s to fully charge the battery in about 2 hours and then it can meet an average of two days of use. With the first 10 minutes of charging, the device can recover about 14% to be able to use for 3 hours of communication.

Play well the popular games

In fact, the device can meet daily tasks smoothly including popular games like PUBG Mobile, Lien Quan Mobile or Asphalt 9 … with the lag lag minimized.

When trying to play Asphalt 9, the machine reached a stable frame rate around 30 fps, sometimes there was a drop as when it was new to the game screen, but the control and graphic display were generally quite smooth.

With Lien Lien Mobile, Galaxy A50s can play smoothly at the highest level of graphics and stability at 60 fps. When the team fights a lot of effects, the number of frames shows signs of declining, but still remains above 50 fps. And in PUBG Mobile itself, the device can play stably around 40 fps.

In addition, HDR settings can be enabled and the Galaxy A50s can still be processed with frame rates fluctuating around 30 fps, with scenes with lots of fire effects, the number of frames can be reduced to 20 fps. Another strong point of the Galaxy A50s is that the device is quite cool during gameplay with the temperature always maintained at 40 degrees C when playing PUBG Mobile, or when playing Lien Lien Mobile, the temperature is only about 38 degrees Celsius.

Camera features

The main camera of the A50s is upgraded to 48MP (f / 2.0 aperture), nearly double the number of "dots" of the 25MP camera on the A50 and supports pixel merging technology to create images with less noise and improve colors and detail. The rest of the three rear cameras are still an 8MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 5MP depth-sensing sensor that supports background capture.

Daytime photos of the A50s are quite fine in detail, dynamic range and color contrast, while night photography is not a strength.

Galaxy A50s support professional mode (Pro), but the parameter adjustment is limited. It is worth noting that HDR mode is effective when helping to light the photo becomes more harmonious. The software of the camera also supports a separate night mode, automatically recognizes and optimizes up to 30 scenes …

Ultra wide-angle camera provides a photography experience, even though the image quality is not yet up to the main camera. The movie shooting capability of the Galaxy A50s also raises to 4K resolution instead of Full HD like the A50.


Continuing to promote the trendy appearance of its predecessor, the Galaxy A50s simultaneously upgrades the configuration and the camera towards a mid-range smartphone that can both play games smoothly while taking flexible pictures and strengths in terms of functionality. amount of the machine.


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