Experience Safari on iPadOS: advanced like on a computer

Experience Safari on iPadOS: advanced like on a computer

Safari on iPadOS is now much more advanced and professional than the version on iOS, which is called a computer class browser (desktop-class). Apple has brought as much as possible Safari features on macOS to iPadOS including download management, font size adjustment, advanced settings, as well as the ability to download the full version of a website instead of the mobile version. .


In the main interface, Safari adds several feature buttons, such as download button or font size adjustment. In the position of the reader view (Reader view) button, you can also adjust the small font size, set up the site as well as request the mobile version. Previously, iPad did not need to adjust the font size simply because it was on the small screen and now it was able to export to the big screen outside so this need was needed.


In addition, from here you can also edit the privacy of the site so that it can use the features of the device, for example, to allow microphone access, location or not.


You can download any file from Safari on the iPad, just like on a computer. After downloading, these files are saved in the download, iCloud Drive, in the Files app. Or you can also choose where to store in Settings, Safari, besides saving on iCloud, can also be saved on device memory.

Particularly, images are downloaded by default in Photos. Previously, downloading something with Safari on iOS was very difficult. Along with that, the Files application is upgraded so that the download file management becomes convenient.

Default download page of the computer


Safari on iPadOS will by default download the desktop version, we previously had to keep the refresh button to (Request Desktop version) do this. Regardless of the website, Tinhte.vn, Facebook, YouTube … will download the full version for us to use, without any restrictions.

Previously when opening websites with apps on the App Store, there will be a row of suggestions to download and use the application instead of the browser, but now it also disappears because it receives Safari on the iPad like on a computer.



You have a bunch of shortcuts to use Safari from the keyboard. Almost any shortcut available on macOS Safari is already available on the iPad, very convenient to use. To learn and learn shortcuts, from the keyboard press and hold the Cmd (Command) button.



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