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Experience renting and watching movies on Apple TV applications: Handy, unlimited devices, cheap

If Netflix and Prime Video subscribe to a monthly subscription, the TV app will allow us to rent movies or buy movies to watch. After updating to iOS 12.3 there is a big change in TV application, I decided to try it and found it quite satisfied.

A little introduction about TV apps:

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Inside the TV application, the movies and TV Shows are fully updated so that users can freely choose, or like "New movie" "Movie to rent", …

  • You must update iOS 12.3

In addition, you can share movies purchased / rented for members in the iCloud Family to view, the price of a movie from 139K to 229K, rent from 39K to 50K (depending on the film). Note when renting a movie, it can only be viewed within 48 hours.

How to use:

If you use Apple TV, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod, you can watch movies in any device with the same Apple ID.

For Mac users:

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You go to the iTunes application, right in the upper right corner you select Music and change it to Movies – then go to Store to go to the store to show all movies, TV series, … just like the iPhone TV app / iPad / iPod.

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While it takes a step to get into iTunes, the interface on the Mac will be easier to see, more spacious. Clicking on the movie poster in the Store section you can quickly access to buy movies or rent movies.

In terms of experience, should rent a movie to watch instead of buying:

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I choose a movie rental solution and I recommend you hire instead of buying it if you are not a movie "believer", or a movie viewer every day.

Why should you hire? – Simply because I am not a movie viewer everyday, having to give up more than 200K Netflix or Prime package will be quite "wasted". I only watch an odd movie in my free time, so it costs like 39K – 50K to rent a movie, it's like I spend money watching cine, even cheaper.

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After renting the film, it will take effect 48 hours (from the time of purchase), it is a very good time, because when the rental is completed, it is always considered, there is no waiting. Or I finished watching today, the next day I can still share for iCloud Family for others to watch, free within 48 hours it is okay. After watching it and then again, what must I buy the movie? : D

Of course, if you have a TV, you can use AirPlay from your iOS device or Mac, play it to the TV to watch it too.

If you don't have Apple TV, Apple TV 4K, … it's not a problem

As I said, we can watch it on devices like Mac or iOS, not necessarily Apple TV. Most if you only watch movies alone, watching on your MacBook or iPad is enough. This is also a benefit from the TV application that does not limit the number of devices viewed, free with Apple ID (important).

Note: Unlimited devices do not mean viewing at the same time multiple devices, for example you are watching on the iPad, want to switch to Mac must stop watching on the iPad. But on Mac still sync over and continue the section you are watching without having to replay from the beginning.


  • Movies in TV applications only support HD (720p), if you want Full HD or 4K, you must have Apple TV
  • Subtitles (Sub) only English is mainly, I look for famous movies only Eng without Vietnamese, in general, Sub CC support is not as diverse as Netflix

But in summary of benefits:

  • Viewable on multiple devices
  • Share movies via iCloud Family by Shared Payment
  • The price of renting movies is cheap, only a few dozen, not even a cup of coffee for a Cine at home
  • Many new, hot movies
  • Beautiful interface


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