Experience Opticon OPN 3002N UV: for the first time scanning barcode printed with UV ink - VnReview

Experience Opticon OPN 3002N UV: for the first time scanning barcode printed with UV ink – VnReview

Today, UV rays are not only used in the field of medical, bactericidal, and sterilizing but it is also used for security and anti-counterfeiting of products and papers such as land papers, passports, money. and goods. To find out more about the security features of this type of barcode, let us find out immediately in the article below.

Video experience Opticon OPN 3002N UV barcode scanner

UV barcode has just been mentioned is a type of barcode that cannot be seen with the naked eye, has much higher security than other common barcode types. This is seen as a highly applicable solution in the field of security of internal information and documents, when owners do not want their information to be exposed easily.

UV barcodes are sunk bar codes, safer than regular barcodes

Important documents such as red book, pink book, insurance book … may soon be applied with UV barcode to increase security.

Nowadays, fake profile and fake products become very sophisticated and difficult to control, so UV sunken barcode can be used in Vietnam in the near future, especially with applications such as managing red books, pink books, household registration books or important documents. In addition, this sink bar code will also help to limit counterfeit and fake products better than traditional bar codes in protecting the origin of products.

In response to the need for high security, Japan's Opticon has recently added its product line to a new model of barcode scanner capable of scanning printed codes with UV ink with the name of OPN barcode scanner. 3002N UV. Products are currently Opticon (opticon.vn) distributed in Vietnam market.

Open box and design

The included accessories

Inside the box of the OPN 3002N UV barcode scanner has an accessory kit including Mini USB connection cable, wrist strap and user manual in the UK.

Scanners are smaller, smaller than lighters

This barcode scanner has a compact size, smaller than a lighter lighter and weighs only 57 grams. The Opticon OPN-3002N UV plastic case provides a strong feel and details such as buttons and connectors are also carefully completed.

Sensors scan bar codes on top of the machine, protected with transparent glass panels

The device's barcode reading sensor is located on the upper edge and protected by a transparent glass plate. The sides of the phone are chrome plated and rounded when held without causing hands. According to the manufacturer, the Opticon OPN-3002N UV can withstand falling at a distance of 1.5 meters without the need for a protective cover, as well as dust and moisture resistance up to IP54 standards.

The device has only two keys: a key for Bluetooth connectivity and a key for scanning barcodes

The top of the OPN-3002N UV has 2 buttons. In it, the small key below is a function key used to create Bluetooth connectivity with other devices. The large key above is used to scan barcodes. This key has a large design that is easy to press and has an LED on the top.

Rechargeable batteries have been removed for replacement

The back of the product has a cover with a nut to replace the device's battery. OPN 3002N UV uses rechargeable batteries and according to the manufacturer, this battery gives 10 hours of continuous use.

Mini USB port

The bottom edge is the miniUSB connection port with a lid and two holes for us to thread the wrist strap.

Experience using

The device connects to a smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth

Opticon OPN-3002N UV connects to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops … via Bluetooth. The connection process is very similar to normal Bluetooth devices. You just need to press and hold the button on the machine for about 5 seconds to switch to standby mode (the light will blink in blue), then find and connect to the Opticon OPN-3002N UV on the device. When connected to the device, this scanner will act as an input tool. Each time a barcode scan is performed, the information is automatically entered into the input fields.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the scanner can connect to other devices via a mini USB port

In addition to using Bluetooth, this product can also use the miniUSB connection with the attached connection cord. We can plug it directly into a computer or phone without installing any drivers.

Dedicated UV sunken barcode printer

To test the device's UV barcode scanning capabilities, we use a dedicated UV barcode printer to create some types of UV sunken bar codes of type 1D, 2D and QR codes …. According to the manufacturer , CMOS sensor on this barcode scanner is upgraded from OPN-3002i version. In the actual experience, the UV barcodes we printed for testing were identified almost immediately without any problems.

In addition to UV barcodes, it is also capable of scanning all common 1D and 2D bar codes on materials from boxes, plastic paper bags, reflective labels to curved section objects. like potions, candy, ballpoint pens. Fast scanning speed, almost immediately when the object is placed in the projection area, the machine has finished reading and sound feedback. It can also scan codes in low light or no light (dark) due to the built-in CMOS sensor and built-in LED system.

It can scan well in low light conditions

The OPN-3002n UV can also quickly and accurately read codes on the phone and computer screens in the form of photos and codes integrated in the application or downloaded images. However, in low light conditions, the speed of scanning UV barcodes is a bit slower than the usual new codes. This is due to the fact that UV codes are often imprinted on glossy materials so the code recognition speed will be more difficult.

The Opticon OPN-3002N UV has 1MB flash memory that can store up to 25,000 bar codes. Therefore, the machine is capable of operating independently, without connecting to any device and still being able to scan barcodes. All data will be stored in the internal memory of the device. These data will be transferred to devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets after connecting via Bluetooth.


The Opticon OPN-3002N UV has the full functionality of a conventional mobile barcode scanner. The device is compact, can be tolerated when dropped at a height of 1.5 meters back, capable of basic water dust (IP54) and Bluetooth support to connect to other devices.

A special feature of this product is the ability to scan sunken UV bar codes, which are highly secure bar codes. In addition to the current UV scanning function, very few barcode scanners support, the product can quickly scan common types of 1D, 2D and QR codes in all lighting conditions.

Dao Truong

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