Experience Opticon M11 barcode scanner: omni-directional scanning, super-fast speed - VnReview

Experience Opticon M11 barcode scanner: omni-directional scanning, super-fast speed – VnReview

VnReview has a lot of articles on hand and experience 1D and 2D code scanners of Japanese brand Opticon (opticon.vn). The product in today's article is its new barcode scanner with multidirectional scanning capability and twice the scanning speed of current Opticon products.

Opticon M11 is a 1D and 2D barcode scanner. The highlight of this product is the omnidirectional scanning speed and up to 120 frames per second, the highest of all Opticon products today. Thanks to these two new features, Opticon M11 can be used for many different demands of cash register in stores and supermarkets to manage train tickets, insurance cards, ID cards to tally goods. in production conveyors.

According to the manufacturer, the Opticon M11 is designed to withstand falling from a height of 1.2 meters to a concrete floor and meets IP42 dust-proof standards. The product has a rectangular box design with the entire front as an optical lens system with an image sensor for scanning the internal 2D CMOS Imager barcode. The image sensor of M11 has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and a maximum scanning speed of up to 120 frames per second. This is the highest speed in Opticon's barcode scanning products today. Thanks to the new enhancements, the Opticon M11 is capable of scanning barcodes from all directions with fast and accurate speed even when the barcode is printed on difficult-to-scan surfaces.

Experience the 5 most common uses of Opticon M11

Opticon M11 can be applied to many needs. According to the manufacturer, the device can be used for the following 5 purposes: charge for supermarkets and retail stores; scanning medical card codes, identity cards, airline tickets and train tickets; automatic scanning system on conveyor belt in production; scan barcode on LCD screen for electronic ticket application (Mobile Tickting) like movie tickets, events, train tickets, ..; tallying items that need fast and accurate speeds like correspondence, checking goods out …

VnReview experienced preliminary activities of Opticon M11 with 5 purposes.

First with the billing system for supermarkets and retail stores. Experience shows that the M11 can identify bar codes on both difficult-to-scan surfaces (such as uneven surfaces), helping salespeople not to manually input data. This is of great significance for supermarket systems with a large number of shoppers, limiting the overload of cashiers.

The difficult barcode printing products that scan Opticon M11 can be easily scanned.

Model M11 is capable of reading bar codes on health insurance cards, people's identity cards or other types of air tickets and train tickets. These cards use a type of barcode named PDF417. This is a 2-dimensional bar code with complex structure, and the ability to store large information, up to 2750 characters. With scanning speeds of up to 120 frames per second and omnidirectional scanning, Opticon M11 can quickly decode the codeword of this type of barcode to check, collate and store information quickly.

Opticon M11 can scan complex barcodes of health insurance cards or airline tickets.

Application for automatic scanning system on conveyor belts in production. This is an application that makes great use of M11's fast and omnidirectional barcode scanning speed. To experience this feature, we built a simulation conveyor. Normally, the product line will have about 1 product running through in 10 seconds. However, experimenting with the simulated line, the Opticon M11 is able to recognize and count absolutely accurately with a much faster conveyor speed, only about 1 second per product.

Scan the barcode on the LCD screen for mobile tickting tickets such as movie tickets, events, and train tickets. With this application, we also have to create a system to simulate the operation process. Usually when we buy tickets like movie tickets for online train tickets, we will be provided with a code.

When you need to print tickets, we will have to go to the staff or enter the manual information the way the stations are currently doing. This way we have to spend more time on long-distance data entry or queuing with the people who buy tickets to get to the ticket counter.

The solution that Opticon offers is an automated code scanning and ticketing system. After buying tickets online and have been provided with a code, you only need to scan the barcode to print hard tickets immediately. Absolutely no time to enter data or queue. The actual experience results in a very fast response to this function.

Inventory of items that need fast and accurate speed such as correspondence, checking goods out … Similar to the type of health insurance card or people's identity card, in the field of correspondence, postal companies and delivery companies also use PDF417 code to manage mail items and save visitor address information. line. The number of postal items to be managed is very large. The rapid test showed that Opticon M11 could meet this demand with fast and accurate speed.

To summarize, Opticon M11 is a barcode scanner that Opticon has upgraded a lot about scanning speed and especially the omnidirectional scanning capability. In practical experience, the machine demonstrates the ability to scan very quickly, accurately and flexibly for the needs of supermarkets, shops to schools, theaters, train stations or postal and delivery companies.

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