Experience Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super: Where are the old national cards?

Once upon a time Nvidia's 6x / 6xx card tails were affectionately called national cards, helping generations of gamers to experience max settings of games without bankruptcy. This ends with the GTX 1060, when the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 has never been considered a reasonable p / p. RTX 2060 Super is better, unfortunately, has not returned to its former position.

Regarding the technical details and upgrades of the RTX 2060 Super compared to RTX 2060, please refer to the article: On Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super hands. Here, I want to share something about the experience that the FE version of the RTX 2060 Super brings, when the current video card market is much more complicated than it used to be.

Unlike the old days – Can't judge RTX 2060 Super just in terms of pure performance

More than 2 years ago, judging a video card is as simple as the one who ran faster, it was better. In the heat of the three things, the three power consumption cases were fun, but it was fun to buy a card, but it took care of those things to be different from the people who played the game but were afraid of the rain. Then, we released a series of GeForce RTX cards, bringing the experience that we can't "measure by numbers". Ray tracing technology makes images more realistic, "a 10-year leap in graphics" according to Nvidia's winged words. Of course no one can count, but ray tracing is more or less effective. In addition, there are DLSS, low-resolution rendering technology and processing AI to push up higher resolutions to help improve frame rates.

These "visual" technologies are of course impossible to measure (when compared to AMD, because Radeon does something to support ray tracing), but still cost the RTX 20 series cards to a "high level". new". RTX 2060 is no exception. If the GTX 1060 is still considered a national card with a better ratio than the mid-end segment, RTX 2060 is pushed to the high-end segment with a significantly reduced p / p ratio. This year with pressure from AMD's RX 5700 XT / 5700 series, Nvidia is forced to introduce the RTX 2060 Super line to replace the RTX 2060 at a constant price but improve performance. The p / p ratio is actually better than that but it can't match the RX 5700 XT at the same price, because AMD always puts fps up as the main priority while Nvidia remains loyal to the target. brings a better visual experience with ray tracing.


So gamers will have to face two difficult choices: choose Nvidia RTX 2060 Super card with "future" technologies to improve graphics in certain games or AMD RX 5700 XT with the aim of gaining speed. The highest fps level possible. The answer is, of course, depending on the person.

Ray tracing on RTX 2060 Super is it really worth the money?

Ray tracing is a technology that makes a difference to Nvidia's RTX 20 Series cards, you can find out more in: What is Ray tracing, which NVIDIA RTX 20 cards support very strongly? The truth is that ray tracing is not Nvidia's own technology, even the film industry has been using it for a long time. Just with GeForce RTX, Nvidia has a dedicated RT tracing RT engine that makes everything more efficient.

Answering the question of whether or not ray tracing is worth it is very complicated. And at the time of this article, the simple answer is no. But if a deeper analysis, not the ray tracing itself has not been as effective as expected, but the games using this technology have failed to conquer gamers. For one or more reasons, we still do not have any games that support ray tracing but are successful.

A game that doesn't just need beautiful graphics, it needs a compelling way of playing and a story that is worth the time for gamers to enjoy. Unfortunately, EA, one of the biggest game makers supporting ray tracing, forgot about this and from Battlefield V to Anthem failed to conquer gamers. Metro: Exodus is an excellent game but the decision to release exclusively on the Epic Store makes it quickly sank into oblivion in the world of Steam users. Shadows of The Tomb Raider is not bad, but it is only a shadow compared to the previous two versions, and the ray tracing feature is not until the game is only used for benchmarking to be released.

But this does not mean that ray tracing fails, on the contrary it is almost certain that this technology will play an extremely important role in video games in the coming time. We are starting to see more and more blockbuster titles announced that will support ray tracing, which includes the Cyber ​​Punk 2077 cult title. Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet are announced to support ray tracing, no Accepting both uses AMD's Navi graphics processor. This suggests that if investing in ray tracing this time will more or less bring benefits to you in the long run.

Experience Nvidia RTX 2060 with Intel Core i5-9400F CPU

The system I used in the last few days to experience Nvidia RTX 2060 Super FE is as follows:

  • CPU: Core i5-9400F
  • Radiator: Corsair H100i Pro RGB
  • Motherboard: GIGABYTE AORUS Z390 Master
  • RAM: 2 x 8 GB Corsair Dominator Platinum Pro DRR4-3000
  • SSD: Corsair MP510 960 GB
  • PSU: FSP Hydro G 850 W

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_PC-1.jpg ...

Usually when testing the video card, I will use the CPU as strong as possible to avoid bottlenecks, help card is the determining factor of the final score of the whole system. However, this time I want to have a more realistic score, so I decided to combine the Nvidia RTX 2060 Super FE with the Intel Core i5-9400F CPU, the combo that many of you would choose if you assembled it in this high-end segment. In fact, for gaming Core i5 is enough weight for all genres, but according to the rules, the benchmark you see below only has the actual market reference price, not used to compare with previous tests. of Delicate.

3DMark Time Spy Extreme

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_TimeSpy_Extreme-1.jpg ...

3DMark Time Spy

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_TimeSpy-1.jpg ...

3DMark Port Royal (ray tracing test)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_Port_royal-1.jpg ...

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (max setting -FullHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_ACO-1.jpg ...

Assassin's Creed Odyssey (max setting -WQHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_ACO-2.jpg ...

Shadows of The Tomb Raider (max thiết lập – FullHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_SoTR-1.jpg ...

Shadows of The Tomb Raider (max setting – WQHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_SoTR-2.jpg ...

Total War: Three Kingdoms (Max setting – FullHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_Total_war_three_kingdom-1.jpg ...

Total War: Three Kingdoms (Max setting – WQHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_Total_war_three_kingdom-2.jpg ...

World War Z (max setting – DX11 – FullHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_World_War_Z-1.jpg ...

World War Z (max setting – DX11 – FullHD)

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_World_War_Z-2.jpg ...

Clock, temperature and power consumption

Loading Nvidia_RTX_2060_Super_PC-4.jpg ...

Parameter of FE version is only reference nature is the main, in Vietnam, you can only buy the custom version released by Nvidia's partners often overclocked as well as better cooling system. Even so, the FE version is not bad with maximum clock speeds of 1860 MHz, while relatively cool temperatures range from 70 to 75 degrees when full load. The maximum power consumption level I measured is using the HWInfo platform of 178 W.


Overall, despite the improved performance, the RTX 2060 Super remains the predecessor of the RTX 2060 with a sweet spot of QWHD resolution, allowing gamers to max settings to experience the best graphics. If you want to go to 4K for the new blockbuster games, you will have to lower the settings to Medium, and of course FullHD cannot be difficult to do with RTX 2060 Super. In general there is an upgrade, but it has not been able to help it become a national graphics card, but its predecessor version.


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