Experience now OLLI Maika – Smart speaker made by Vietnamese people

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OLLI Maika smart speaker owns a natural, cute voice with a very fast and accurate voice response speed. Bringing authentic experiences, smart and modern housing OLLI Maika smart speaker integration certainly does not let you down. Are you ready to try and add the Vietnamese-made Smart Speaker line to your smart home collection?

  • Design evaluation of OLLI Maika . speakers

OLLI Maika smart speaker is evaluated as a design that meets the criteria: compact – streamlined – luxurious – suitable for any space.

Description: red box, outside are instructions in Vietnamese

The outer box has a simple red color, the right side of the box is the instruction command with the intention of this technology product to be used entirely in Vietnamese. Because currently on the market, Smart speaker lines hardly support commands in Vietnamese, but only English is common.

Inside the box, is the OLLI Maika smart speaker, the design overview has a small vertical cylinder. Stand firmly when placed on flat surfaces. With dimensions of 96 x 96 x 19.5 mm you can place it anywhere in your home or work space.

The speaker body is covered with quality polyester fabric, the top has a multi-color changing LED display strip. On the top of the OLLI Maika smart speaker, there are 4 physical buttons: activate, increase / decrease the volume, mute the microphone.

According to the specifications, inside the speaker there are 4 omnidirectional microphones to help receive commands better even when the user is standing far away from the OLLI Maika smart speaker.

  • What features do OLLI Maika speakers have?

OLLI Maika smart speaker has remarkable key features: smart home control, entertainment (listening to music, reading, news, news), calling, work assistant, etc.

OLLI Maika smart speaker is known as the first pure Vietnamese smart assistant to conquer the Vietnamese market. With the aim of bringing technological conveniences, the trend of using smart devices controlled by Vietnamese voice is easy. OLLI Maika speakers are affirming their position on the Smart Speaker race and becoming the most popular Vietnamese speaker line today.

OLLI Maika smart speaker supports smart home control

With high-precision Vietnamese voice recognition, smart home control entirely in Vietnamese brings a modern smart home experience exclusively for Vietnamese users. Currently, OLLI Maika smart speakers connect to smart home systems in ecosystems: Dien Quang, Tuya, HOMEGY, Goman Smart, Smart Life and ACIS, etc., in the future, expand more smart home partners. Moreover, it helps users to have more diverse choices.

Through smart home control, turning on/off lights, air conditioners, fans, opening/closing curtains, etc. becomes simpler and more convenient when just voice control. Besides, family members from the elderly to children are easy to use.

Description: Mai! turn on the light

Oh Maika! Power off

May ka! Reduce the temperature of the air conditioner to 5 degrees

Oh Maika! curtain

Oh Maika! turn off the stove

With the control of smart devices, helping users save a lot of time, bringing new experiences and modern technology in the home space. The troubles: the remote runs out of battery, forgets to turn off the lights when leaving the kitchen, needs to increase or decrease the room temperature, etc. will be solved by the OLLI Maika smart speaker for you.

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Work assistant: for the person of the job, having a virtual assistant reminding about the time and working schedule is definitely essential. Maika is like a real assistant to help you store, remember time, and work schedule perfectly.

Music player, news, storytelling: OLLI Maika smart speaker can play music genres according to user requirements. Store your favorite songs, suggest playing music depending on your mood. The spiritual and entertainment life of users becomes much richer with Maika’s companion. Update the latest news, hot news. As long as the user requests from music playback, news, story telling, etc., Maika quickly responds to follow commands.

Check out more details about OLLI Maika speakers now here

  • Performance of OLLI Maika smart speaker

OLLI Maika smart speaker has high productivity, intelligent assistant Maika is always ready to serve and quickly fulfill user requirements. The ability to optimize and expand connectivity with many different devices and ecosystems helps to diversify utilities.

With Dual-core Cortex A53 1.0 GHz processor, wifi and bluetooth connectivity to help users have a smooth experience, 4Ω 15W Full Range Speaker, 2 x passive vibration diaphragms and 4 omnidirectional microphones for vivid sound , suitable for most music genres from lyrical, pop, rock, EDM, …

  • The outstanding advantages of OLLI Maika . speakers
  • Communicate – give commands entirely in Vietnamese: compared to the Smart Speaker lines currently on the market that mostly use English, the OLLI Maika smart speaker integrates Maika virtual assistant to help users communicate and easily gave commands in Vietnamese without any difficulty. Maika virtual assistant is capable of receiving and analyzing Vietnamese voices with high accuracy, including regional accents. Maika reacts extremely quickly, responding to commands with a natural, attractive voice.

Description: Maika virtual assistant, effective work support

  • Diverse and rich content for Vietnamese users: OLLI cooperates with many partners to provide many reputable and quality content (NCT – NhacCuaTui, First News, VoizFM, Tuoi Tre, VOH, ..).
  • Extensive integration capabilities: mastering technology, OLLI AI aims to build an open system that allows connecting with many partners and diverse content to satisfy more needs of users. Typically, smart home connection helps customers to conveniently use Smarthome devices and utilities entirely in Vietnamese voice.
  • Maika assistant is safe and highly educational: besides helping children learn English, read books, quizzes, solve puzzles, Maika assistants are set up to behave “yeah, ma’am” to help. form good habits for children when approaching. Communicating according to Vietnamese cultural standards.
  • OLLI Maika speaker safety and security

OLLI Maika smart speaker ensures safety and high security of all customer information

With a long-term ecosystem development orientation, OLLI Maika smart speaker ensures safety and high security of all customer information. Maika assistant only collects command identification information and receives and processes the user’s commands. To increase security, OLLI Maika smart speaker uses:

  • The encryption and information processing system will reside in the OLLI server system to help protect against physical attacks at the device.
  • Inside the OLLI Maika Smart Speaker, there is a dedicated Crypto-MCU chip that protects the device hardware from being compromised by physical attacks.
  • The Public Key Infrastructure system application protects and prevents attacks between speakers and servers.

So users are completely assured of the security of the OLLI Maika smart speaker

Are you ready with OLLI Maika smart speaker to conquer technology life? Own a pure Vietnamese Smart Speaker to improve your life right now!

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