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Experience Lifebox fast, "icloud" of Viettel

I received an SMS from the beginning of 1098 the day before, saying I have 5GB of free Lifebox storage, the account is a phone number, a password with a link. The link is of course not clicked If you find an App store, it is true that Viettel's Lifebox app is right, so download it over and over, now share some experiences with everyone.

Log in, the first interface appears to have 5 tabs below, the first tab is "prominent", listing the main functions of this app:

Create a group: we can share a link for other members to use Viettel's network to download the app, group creation can share photos, videos and documents for members together

Share your passion: Blog, Yahoo's name is very good ;)This is like a miniature social network, we can create avatars, post Cover pictures, post photos with status … but only limited to Viettel users together

Save: this is the main function of this app, we can select images, videos in the phone to back up, and when the image is backed up, we can no longer see in this save interface, make sure to avoid save duplicates ;)

All under one roof: this is the function that I think is the most interesting, we can link accounts with other cloud services, currently fixed in Dropbox, Facebook (currently not used), Instagram and Gmail. When the link is complete, go back to the app's main interface, go to the tab "library", This time the backup image to Lifebox, Blog photos, photos in Gmail and Instagram, all are generally managed in this interface.

Via tab "document", Now all the Gmail attachments (and Dropbox, if any) will be displayed here, we can click on the file to view the information or open the file.

Tab "music", I choose to upload, I don't see the music source, please try it.

These are the main functions of this Lifebox app, in addition to the expand and install menu, there are some additional functions such as "free up space" to delete backup photos or videos to Lifebox in the phone, why Save contacts, timer, backup reminders.

Feeling personally, the app interface is a bit confusing, must be explored for a while to understand the functions, the names of functions in Vietnamese, read a lot when it is difficult to understand. The advantage is quite a lot of functions, pure Vietnamese interface, especially Viettel emphasizes that the data of Vietnamese people will be stored in Vietnam.

Now I see 2 useful functions for me:

Backup photos and videosI use this function when my 5Gb icloud runs out of space, the files cannot be uploaded to the Lifebox, and Lifebox will now become an "assistant" of icloud. ;)

Manage data from other clouds, manage backup photos, Blog images, Gmail, Instagram photos in the same interface, manage attachments and files on Dropbox in the same interface. Pretty good.

That's all my experience about Lifebox, Viettel's "icloud", thanks for watching.


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