Experience journey camera Cacago G08S price of 4.9 million - VnReview

Experience journey camera Cacago G08S price of 4.9 million – VnReview

Camera imaging is now an indispensable item on cars. Not only does it help to record the itinerary, it also has many other functions such as lane warning, collision warning or used as a reversing camera, rearview mirror or Wi-Fi transmitter.

The Cacago G08S journey camera in today's experience is a product distributed by GIZ High Technology Company (cacago.vn) in Vietnam market for VND 4.9 million together with a 12-month warranty.

Open box and design

The box of the product has a simple design with outstanding brand name but does not have the same product image as previous Cacago products.

Beside the case, the manufacturer illustrates the features of the product such as watching 2 front and back cameras simultaneously, 10 inch screen, pre-installed Android 5.1, with 4G SIM connection, integrated navigation map, GPS and support night vision.

In addition to the main product, the accessory included in the box also has a 12V power port on the car, a camera for rear view, GPS connectivity device, USB mini connecting cable and manual. use. In addition, when buying this product, we are also offered a memory card with 32GB capacity and a high-speed 4G sim card with 5GB per month.

Cacago G08S has a full front design of the product, a 9.35-inch mirror-coated touch screen with chrome-plated borders. 2.5D curved glass on the top and bottom edges creates a visual effect that makes the device quite eye-catching.

The two sides with 2 stylized details look like 2 speaker strips on either side. However, in fact, this is a stylized detail, on the inside there are 2 receiver antenna strips used to broadcast 4G and Wifi of the device. This detail makes the product more modern.

The back of the product has a tuck to attach to the rearview mirror of the car. The middle has slots for heat dissipation with a large piece of metal to help the device dissipate heat faster. The main camera cluster is deflected to the driver's side, and the camera cluster can be adjusted to the desired direction to get the desired angle.

The back has 4 speaker slots but through listening, I found that the device only has 2 stereo speakers on the side of the camera only. The two side speaker slots are only decorative and add heat sink slots.

Next to the power button of the device is made quite large, commensurate with the size of this mirror.

The top edge is a connecting terminal such as the following camera image signal jack, GPS signal, memory card slot, sim slot and 1 mini USB port for power supply.


Cacago G08S is equipped with MT6735 four-core A53 processor chip clocked at 1.3GHz. This is a pretty old chip, but it is enough for the needs of the travel camera function. RAM of the device has a capacity of 1GB and 16GB of internal memory, running on the Android 5.1 operating system with the MIPI interface customized by the manufacturer optimized for use in cars.

The front of the device is a 9.35-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1280×400 pixels. This screen uses an LCD panel, the top surface is coated with a mirror coating to be used as a traditional rearview mirror. Perhaps it is also that when looking at the image displayed on this screen will feel like there is a layer of mist, looking from the edges is not really sharp, slightly glossy. However, the actual image obtained when viewed on the computer is quite sharp, if the device is equipped with an OLED screen, it will look more eye-catching. However, with the OLED display, the product price will increase quite a lot.

Cacago G08S is also fully equipped with the same connectivity standards as a true smartphone including 2.4-band Wifi, Bluethooth 4.0, high-speed 4G LTE standard and GPS global positioning system to serve the leading feature. ADAS road with advanced driver assistance features.

The front-facing camera camera cluster supports Full HD resolution video with 160-degree wide f / 2.0 aperture and uses OmniVision 2718 sensor. Meanwhile, the rear camera has a 720p resolution. The device is also equipped with a noise-canceling microphone to support hands-free conversations on the car via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. In addition, the device also supports an expandable memory card slot with a maximum capacity of 128 GB to increase video storage.

Experience the features

Thanks to being equipped with 2 front and rear cameras, Cacago G08S gives us an overview of the rear of the car. The screen can be set up to display both the front and rear cameras or optionally display only the front or rear camera. The rear camera will automatically be activated when you set the reverse number.

Cacago G08S is equipped with advanced driver support features ADAS Plus (Advanced driver-assistance systems). This is a feature often equipped on high-end luxury cars. To use this feature, you need to be aware of plugging the GPS device into the compatible plug port on the cruise camera.

ADAS advanced driver assistance system on Cacago G08s has 3 main features that are warning of collision, lane warning and prompting the vehicle to move when the vehicle in front has moved while stopping.

Based on the movement speed of the vehicle returned by the navigation system, combined with the image recognition system integrated in the front camera. The device will calculate the safe distance and give warning sounds in Vietnamese to alert the driver when the vehicle is not within a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. This is a very useful feature when vehicles travel on highways at high speeds.

With lane warning feature, the device will emit a warning sound every time you change lanes or have a vehicle in front of a sudden lane change. With the reminder feature, it will be especially useful for us when the car stops red light. If you forget to move after the red light is out, the camera will prompt you to move when the vehicle in front has moved.

Cacago G08S is equipped with G-Sensor sensor to control loop recording mode. Usually the device will record video continuously, when the memory is full of new videos will be overwritten with the old video. The G-Sensor sensor helps the device recognize collisions and marks an important moment to stop video override, which helps us to keep true evidence when a collision occurs.

In addition to the above features, the product is also equipped with basic features such as 2-way talk, or can talk hands-free with the speaker and noise-canceling microphone of the device via connecting Bluethooth 4.0 to the phone. This feature will become extremely useful for cheap cars often cut off this option.

When it comes to practical experience, there is a feature that the writer is quite impressed with on this product is the DvrAssist control feature. We can install the software on the phone and connect to the device. From there we can locate the current location of the vehicle, view the image – live video on the camera via a 4G SIM connection attached in the product.

The device is also equipped with the ability to play Wifi so we can take advantage of the 4G sim of the machine to transmit Wifi to everyone on the car to use without having to equip separate Wifi transmitter.

In addition, with a large screen of up to 10 inches in size along with the Android operating system, the device can act as an advanced entertainment device on the car like watching movies, listening to music.

Recording quality and user experience

Cacago G08S is equipped with a wide-angle camera, thanks to the large aperture, the camera receives more light so the image is quite detailed and sharp, the recording sound is stable without interruption.

Also thanks to the large aperture, the night-turning quality also handled quite well with the street light, not being blown out even when the light was directed towards the car. The image quality when shooting in the evening is also sharp enough to be able to recognize the license plate number or objects moving from 8-10 meters

I mounted this camera on the car and used it every day when I came to the agency for about a week. The first impression is that the product has an eye-catching design, as a highlight of the car's aesthetic appeal.

The display interface is designed with large intuitive icons that are easy to navigate and sensitive. The response speed feels a bit slow. It is easy to understand why, because today we are familiar with high-end smartphones with terrible configuration.

The default settings of the device divide the video into short clips of 2-3 minutes, so we will easily find the more necessary videos. With a 32GB memory card, the device records the journey continuously for more than 5 hours.

With ADAS Plus advanced driver assistance mode, you should only use it when traveling on the highway. If we go on the inner city road, we will be quite tired because of the constant warning sound because the inner city traffic is quite chaotic. To remedy this situation, you can temporarily turn off the warning sound in the settings.

In addition, the device is pre-installed with Vietmap navigation software, or you can install more Google Maps to help users move more easily to strange locations. For cars with this option removed, this is considered a salvage when necessary.

Battery life: The manufacturer does not specify but actual use, after the vehicle is turned off, G08S records more about 10 minutes, then the battery is weak and turned off. Thus, with this attached battery only supports when the car turns off the recorder for an extra period of time, and if it is used as a recreational vehicle, we must always provide power from the car.


This is a travel camera with good recording quality in both bright and sufficient conditions. The product also has many other auxiliary features, notably ADAS Plus warning system and also the function of a reversing camera. This camera has a simple interface with Vietnamese display language, runs Android operating system to access a variety of applications such as a smartphone / tablet along with other features such as making Wi-Fi transmitters through 4G. The point is quite unfortunate on the product is the chip has a 5-year life and android 5.1 operating system with a battery of low duration.

See more videos to experience Cacago G08S journey camera


+ Camera works well in all bright conditions.

+ Positioning / navigation stable.

+ Many smart features, replacing ADAS.

+ Full Android installation.

+ Reasonable price with features.


– Screen coated with mirror layer when looking at the shadow,

– Old Android version (5.1).

– Battery life when not plugged in is quite weak.

Dao Truong

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