Determine the goal

When you start reading, you should choose books about topics and fields that you like and shorten to reduce overload. I find some books very difficult to read, many new words because in new, complex fields, such as books about history, about space should be avoided, unless English vocabulary and English are very much.

When you start, if you find it too difficult and don’t understand, don’t be discouraged and stop, guys, try to read slowly and don’t set goals like 1 week or 10 days you have to accomplish. First of all, you must define reading as a pleasure, not a lesson but set a goal, sometimes seeing them advertise successful people reading 20 books a year, just let them go.

Read slowly when starting

I found that all 10 English books when I started reading were equally difficult to understand, maybe because of the different ways of using words and expressions of different authors. Then, read at a slow pace and try to understand the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeach sentence, each paragraph. Remember not to filter through the page quickly because you will most likely ignore important and relevant details about the plot in the future.

The reason I recommend reading slowly when starting is because when you get used to the description, using the author’s words, we will be easier to understand and then let’s start reading faster.

Don’t read word-for-word

Like reading Vietnamese books, you should not try to read and understand every word in it, once you get used to it, you can completely skim, as long as you fully understand that sentence, that paragraph. Should determine which words to understand and which can be ignored, as long as I understand the plot in the timeline and what is happening in the content.


However, there are times when I do not understand a certain passage, then, I read it over and over again, sometimes twice I will understand or not understand. Then I skip it and read a few more sentences to figure it out. The advice is that if you do not understand a sentence or a paragraph, do not stop too long but keep going, you will most likely understand the previous paragraph thanks to the next paragraph.

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