Experience Digicam D1080P surveillance camera price of VND 1.2 million - VnReview

Experience Digicam D1080P surveillance camera price of VND 1.2 million – VnReview

This is one of the new wireless surveillance camera models of Digicam brand which has just launched in Vietnam. Digicam D1080P is designed for simple installation, using Wi-Fi network and can be controlled directly on smartphones and tablets to monitor from anywhere.

The product is now officially distributed by GIZ Hi-tech Company in Vietnam market with a retail price of VND 1.2 million and a 32GB memory card along with 1-for-1 warranty for 24 months. This is a product aimed at customers who are offices, shops and households.

Open box and design

D1080P surveillance cameras are carefully packed in sturdy cardboard boxes. Outside the box provides a lot of basic information such as Wi-Fi support, motion detection, Full-HD resolution recording and conversation support.

Camera surveillance box

The inside of the case has a Vietnamese user guide, charger and cable, wall mount and a 32GB memory card included.

Accessories included in the box include warranty card, 32GB memory card … along with surveillance camera, power cable and stand

The product has a pretty form with two main colors white, black and compact size, so it is easy to move to different monitoring positions. Because D1080P is designed to be convenient to use and install, it can record images directly to the memory card without using a recorder like others. The camera's memory card slot supports memory cards up to 64G, enough to store recorded videos for about 10 consecutive days.

The camera has a compact design, quite beautiful form with two tones in black and white

The back side of the product has a Micro USB power cord slot and a reset button to bring the device to the default settings.

Under the base of the camera, print a QR code to log in on the software

Another point that makes using this surveillance camera convenient is that it supports Wi-Fi wireless connectivity with standard 802.11 b / g / n. Thanks to Wi-Fi support, D1080P can be easily installed and arranged without wiring or adding any supporting devices.

In terms of installation, users can put it on a flat surface or wall. The manufacturer provides one tripod and two expansion screws to mount the camera on the wall. The camera itself is also very flexible, it is possible to remote control on the phone to rotate 355 degrees and move up and down 90 degrees to observe many directions when needed.

Installation use

To view photos from surveillance cameras via mobile devices and tablets, you need to download the Digicam application which currently has a free version that supports Android and iOS. The installation is simple like normal applications, just go to the Google Play app store with Android or App Store with iOS, find the Digicam keyword to see the application to install.

Here are the steps to install the Digicam application on the iPhone:

First, you go to the App Store app store to download and install the application called Digicam. After installation is complete, the Digicam application icon will appear on the home screen.

Right at the first interface when opening the app, you click on the + sign "Add new Camera". Continue to select "Add a new camera".

This step, our product is D1080P. Press "Digicam PTZ Cam" 2, then select "Next".

Here you enter the wifi password we are using and press "Confirm". Note: D1080P only supports Wi-Fi with 802.11 b / g / n standards.

Next, a QR code will appear on the phone screen. You put the phone screen in front of the camera in a distance of 10-20cm so that the camera scans the code.

After scanning the code. The camera will display the camera code that has been scanned, you click to select the scanned code. Next click "Start".

After successful installation, when the camera is online, there will be the words "Online" in blue and vice versa when the camera is not connected to the internet, the word "Offline" will be displayed.

Experience the camera

After installing on the phone, the use is quite simple. You just need to open the Digicam application on your phone to control. The console on the phone is quite neatly arranged. The control of the camera from the smartphone is simple: below there are 4 navigation keys (up / down / left / right) on the phone screen, the camera will "scan" according to the corresponding positions. In addition, the bottom also has function keys such as video / image capture. This camera has 2-way talk function, for user conversation to press and hold on the key with the Mic picture below.

To enter the settings, select the gear shape on the upper corner. In this user can choose the settings such as: Flip the camera 180 degrees (apply when installing the camera on the ceiling), the sensitivity detection mode in the camera area is observed, the sound options bar and mic, turn off the indicator light, set up internet connection.

In particular, this camera has the option of detecting motion by each highlighted area. With this mode, the camera will automatically send a notification to the phone when it detects motion when an object moves into areas that the user has previously marked.

Image quality

The camera has 2 options for HD and Full-HD image quality. When selecting HD mode, the image resolution is reduced, so the recorded video is relatively smooth, there is no delay but the detail is not high. This mode is suitable for use when the network connection is not high. If the network speed is good, you can choose the mode at the highest resolution Full-HD. When shooting in this mode, the picture and video colors look clear and the colors are quite realistic, can enlarge the details without blurring.

Camera records video in .mp4 format with frame rate of 15 fps of FHD resolution. Due to the characteristics of the surveillance camera is continuous recording, the video is reduced to maximum bitrate (689 Kbps) to reduce file size. Therefore, the manufacturer's built-in 32GB memory card may have enough 4 days of continuous recording and the camera will automatically delete the old data to store the latest data when the memory card is full.

When shooting at night, the camera uses infrared light to record black and white images and the operating range of infrared lights is 8-10 meters. Infrared image quality has a low level of detail but still ensures brightness and can clearly see moving objects and human faces.

In summary, this is a surveillance camera with a compact design, simple usage, connecting with Wi-Fi wireless network. This camera integrates direct recording to memory cards, so it is suitable for small offices, stores and households thanks to Full-HD quality video recording, night-time infrared recording, image zoom capability and Flexible rotation. Users can monitor images from the camera anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer but the network speed should be quite good.

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