Experience Cacago BM03 journey camera: compact, soft price of 2.39 million VND - VnReview

Experience Cacago BM03 journey camera: compact, soft price of 2.39 million VND – VnReview

This is a compact and soft cruise camera that provides all the necessary features of a car camera.

Cacago BM03 Journey Camera is currently distributed by GIZ High-Tech Company in Vietnam market for VND 2.39 million with 12-month warranty.

Open box and design

Cacago's 2019 products have a completely different box than previous versions. The product image is printed on the box as well as the brand name. With the previous version, the box only printed the name of the company.

After the box, there is a lot of technical information: using Novatek NT96660 chipset, OmniVision OV4689 sensor, F / 1.8 aperture with 170 degree rotation angle and 2.4 inch LCD screen. The device can record in many different resolutions, especially BM03 can record in 4K @ 24fps or Full HD 1080P @ 60fps, support up to 64G memory card, the supplied battery has 250mAh capacity . In addition, the device also has a number of other features such as lock file collision, Wifi and GPS integration.

BM03 has a rather compact design, with a large prominent lens in the middle. The chassis is made of hard plastic and coated with a light imitation metal. The grip is firm, there is no creaking and the parts are quite tight. The front is printed with outstanding features such as 4K recording, Wifi connection. Below is the range of external speakers and under the lens is the heat exit slot.

BM03 has a 2.4-inch front panel display, but this screen is just a regular LCD screen, not a touch screen. The bottom edge has 5 buttons for all operations such as switching modes, up / down, menu …

The left side has a power button, above the memory card slot. BM03 uses MicroSD standard memory card with maximum support capacity up to 64GB.

Opposite this side, there is a MicroHDMI slot and a MiniUSB port for power supply.

At the top of the camera there is a slot to attach to the vacuum head, next to the AV IN port.

BM03's versatile camera head can be rotated 360 degrees, and up and down angle also has an extension angle. With this design in addition to using the front-facing image, users can return to the operation inside the car quite easily.

In addition to the main product, the accessory included in the box also has a 12V plug-in car power adapter, vacuum attachment head, and mini USB connection cable. In addition, when buying this product, we also get a memory card with 32GB capacity.

Experience using

Installation operation, using BM03 is very simple. When you buy, you only need to insert a memory card and connect the power supply, the camera can work immediately with default options. After the vehicle is detonated, the camera will start automatically and start recording.

The installation interface of BM03 supports Vietnamese, so it is easy to catch. To choose to install other functions of the device, you press the Menu key. Here, we can customize the recording resolution, override options, zoom or zoom mode, motion detection and parking mode.

In addition, users can also customize G-Sensor (vibration sensor vibration mode) with vibration sensor mode when turned on, the car crashed video will be locked and saved, not deleted from the camera .

Go to the second menu tab, where users have more options such as Wifi, date and time settings, automatic shutdown, alarm, language, memory card format or factory default settings. .

BM03 is able to connect to the phone easily via the application called LuckyCam. To connect quite simply, users only need to open the wifi on the camera on the phone connected to the available Wi-Fi network on the camera screen, after connecting the phone will automatically identify BM03.

From the application on the phone, you can view live images from the camera you are shooting as well as can set the same specifications as on the camera.

The good thing is that you can use the smartphone to quickly copy and watch the video recorded by BM03 without having to remove the camera from the stand. Although this feature is not so popular, this is still not a camera.

Image quality

According to the manufacturer, Cacago BM03 uses a 170-degree F / 1.8, wide-angle lens with OV4689 sensor. It supports recording at multiple resolutions such as 2880x2160p 24 fps; 2560 × 1440 speed of 30fps; 2304x1296P speed of 30fps; 1920x1080p speed 60fps; 1920x1080p speed of 30fps; 1280x720p speed 120fps; 1280x720p speed 60fps; 1280x720p speed of 30fps. In actual use, the writer found that FullHD 1920x1080p resolution at 60fps is sufficient for good image quality and capacity savings.

Video recorded at 1920x1080p resolution of 60fps. Good recording quality during the day, sharp images, relatively smooth images at 60 frames per second

In daytime shooting conditions, the image quality obtained from the camera is sharp, clear and relatively smooth. When traveling in the evening, the camera also handled quite well with street lights, not flaring even when the lights were directed at the car. The image quality when shooting in the evening is also sharp enough to be able to recognize moving objects in front and can read license plates for nearby vehicles.

When shooting in the evening, it is still possible to recognize the movement or license plates near

The default settings of the device split the video into 3-minute segments, users can also adjust the length to 5, 10 minutes … Integrated Novatek NT96660 processor has good processing speed, video clips, sound The bar has no jerky or jerky phenomenon.

Each video recorded 3 minutes long, 1920x1080p resolution of 60fps of BM03 is about 440MB. So with the included 32GB memory card, the camera can record the journey for more than 3 hours. After the memory is full, the camera will overwrite previously saved files. In case the car encounters a sudden collision, the camera will also mark the file recorded in that moment as an important file, without overwriting.

BM03 has a 250 mAh battery, enough for a short time of a few minutes when not connected to the power from the car. Specifically, after turning off the car, the device can record an additional 5-7 minutes of recording time, report a weak battery and turn itself off. This is normal for cruise cameras that operate mainly based on power from the car.

In summary, with the price of VND 2.4 million, we will have a camera recording journey at Full HD resolution level, capturing crisp, clear images with many recording quality options. The drawback of the device is that the battery has a low capacity, the feature of locking files when colliding is sometimes confused when the car enters the squirrel, the LCD display is not as sharp as on the phone and does not have touch.


+) Recording at FullHD quality is good, there are many quality recording options

+) Beautiful design, sure

+) Reasonable price


-) Battery in low capacity

-) The display does not have touch

-) Sometimes the device still mistakenly receives a collision warning and locks the video

Dao Truong

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