Experience buying Toyota Hilux 2015

Experience buying Toyota Hilux 2015

Owning a durable engine and the ability to keep prices well, the old Toyota Hilux 2015 is a worthy suggestion for those who are looking to buy used pickup trucks.

Introducing Toyota Hilux 2015

The Toyota Hilux model has been distributed in Vietnam by the leading Japanese car company in the form of CBU imports since 2009. When it appears to date, the Toyota Hilux is increasingly asserting its position in the pickup segment. Toyota Hilux 2015 is the 8th generation pickup truck model launched in Vietnam. 2015 Toyota Hilux with many improvements in both design, comfort and performance, … compared to previous versions.

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The old Toyota Hilux 2015 is a pickup truck with a fairly modern and luxurious design

The old Toyota Hilux 2015 is designed to look more eye-catching, modern and luxurious. In the segment of pickup trucks, Toyota Hilux 2015 is always a name that is loved and appreciated by many people. According to user experience Review old Hilux 2015, the car is still quite new and durable. After a period of use with little damage, durable performance, especially the spacious cargo compartment. In addition to some exterior influences such as paint color, tires have signs of aging, the car is basically still new and beautiful. Besides, some interior details also show signs of wear over time such as steering wheel and seats due to regular use.

Exterior Hilux 2015

On the exterior, 2015 Toyota Hilux has a lot of improvements compared to the previous generations such as old Toyota Hilux 2012, 2013,… Toyota Hilux 2015 is designed in a more modern, luxurious style and personality. The vehicle can be suitable for both personal mobility and also for handling frequent cargo work requirements. It can be said that the old Toyota Hilux 2015 can be used to carry goods and is still luxurious in the street.

Size specifications 2015 Toyota Hilux
Length x width x height (mm) 5,330 x 1,855 x 1,815
Wheelbase (mm) 3,085
Ground clearance (mm) 286
Radius of rotation (m) 6.2
Tire size 265 / 65R17

Car head

The front of the car is the part that impresses consumers well by the balance, harmony and seamlessness of the details. Looking at the front of the car, The old Toyota Hilux 2015 exudes a modern, powerful and attractive look. The grille with large horizontal bars and shiny chrome plated connected to the front bumper adds to the personality of the car.

Car head Toyota Hilux 2015 old is designed harmoniously and modernly

The capo cap is designed high up and in the middle is created a gap to help cool the engine compartment. Running along the capo there are two embossed lines connected to the grille to create a harmonious, seamless front end. The LED system and headlights combined with the grille add to the impression 2015 Toyota Hilux old. The car is equipped with Halogen headlights with adjustable angle and auto on / off, round fog lights, LED daytime running lights.

Vehicle body

Bodywork of the Old Toyota Hilux 2015 uses Pagoda hood and body spoiler to increase the aerodynamics. In particular, the old Toyota Hilux 2015 is equipped with the wind direction in both front and rear wheels for the first time.

Vehicle body The old 2015 Toyota Hilux looks very impressive and powerful


In this version, The rear part of the old Toyota Hilux 2015 is also focused investment and impresses with the viewer. The tail of the old Toyota Hilux 2015 is designed to be more harmonious, powerful and comfortable. The chrome-plated door handles and cargo compartment make the car even more luxurious. On all old versions of Toyota Hilux 2015, there is an electrically adjustable / folded rearview mirror system and integrated LED turn signal indicator.

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Rear The old Toyota Hilux 2015 is very harmonious and attractive

The wheels of the old Toyota Hilux used an alloy material with 6 single spoke and 17 inch size. The up and down steps of this model are covered with plastic to increase the luxury look while minimizing the slippery condition when stepping into the car. The rear bumper of the car is large design and some shiny chrome details look very modern. However, disadvantages 2015 Toyota Hilux Old on this part is the round exhaust that looks pretty monotonous.

2015 Hilux interior

Interior space

Space 2015 Toyota Hilux interior Old is considered spacious and airy with many modern facilities and equipment. Interior details on old Toyota Hilux 2015 are arranged scientifically, harmoniously and easy to use. Taplo board is designed to extend to the sides and is covered with leather, silver-plated panels with a large size. That both gives the cockpit a spacious space and increases the luxury. This is the remarkable improvement of 2015 Toyota Hilux interior compared to the previous generation. Because in the past, the Hilux’s interior was not appreciated, but also somewhat poor.

Interior space The old 2015 Toyota Hilux is very spacious

On the taplo board are the central wind doors that are designed wide and high to create a comfortable and airy space for the car. The taplo panel also integrates function controls that are neatly arranged and easy to use. The 2015 Toyota Hilux instrument cluster consists of two large size clocks on either side. The 4.2-inch multi-information display is located in the center. That makes it easy and observable for the driver to control the vehicle accurately and safely.

The seat system is covered with leather material, capable of hugging the body to help the occupant comfortably and comfortably. The driver’s seat has an 8-way power adjustment function that helps to support the occupants in the most comfortable way, not as stiff as the previous versions. The rear seats are designed with armrests, cup holders and cushions, making the occupants very satisfied and comfortable. The legroom between the rows of seats is also improved to be more comfortable compared to previous generations. However, compared to other competitors in the segment, the distance between the two rows is somewhat limited.

NFurniture Toyota Hilux 20Old 15 is equipped with many modern features

The car’s steering wheel is completely redesigned with a powerful 3 spoke and integrated buttons to control other functions. Moreover, the car steering wheel is also supported with 4-way adjustment to help the driver choose the most suitable position.

Equipped with comfort

Toyota Hilux 2015 old is fully equipped with the basic amenities of the company. The entertainment system of the Toyota Hilux includes: CD player, USB / AUX support, Bluetooth and a 6-speaker audio system. The air conditioning system in this version is also improved with the addition of air doors in the rear seats.

Engine Specifications Toyota Hilux 2015


Toyota Hilux 2015 old used two engine options 3.0L and 2.5L. In terms of engine power, 2015 Toyota Hilux is not appreciated compared to competitors in the same segment. In this article we will cover the 3.0L engine.

Here it is specifications Toyota Hilux 2015:

Technical specifications 2015 Toyota Hilux
Engine Diesel, 4 cylinders, 16 valves DOHC, 3.0L
Maximum capacity 161 horsepower
Torque 360 Nm
Gear 6-level automatic


Toyota Hilux 2015 old gives users a more precise and smooth driving experience than previous versions. The old Toyota Hilux 2015 steering wheel uses hydraulic power system so when turning or turning the car, the driver will feel the weight of the steering wheel. Equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, the performance of the old Toyota Hilux 2015 is evaluated very smoothly and flexibly. The car’s acceleration is relatively good and the soundproofing is better than previous generations. The cornering feeling of the old 2015 Toyota Hilux is also quite good thanks to the electronic balance system.

Operability of The old 2015 Toyota Hilux is very smooth and versatile

The old 2015 Toyota Hilux has a fuel consumption of about 7.3 liters / 100km on mixed roads. Thus, compared to competitors in the segment, the fuel consumption of Toyota Hilux 2015 is low. The fuel economy of the old Toyota Hilux 2015 is appreciated.

Safety equipment Hilux 2015

Toyota Hilux 2015 old is equipped with many modern safety features. Compared to previous generations, this version is more invested and is appreciated for its safety.

Safety equipment 2015 Toyota Hilux
fesdfcxcx Have
Anti-lock braking system Have
Hill start system Have
Traction control system proactively Have
Air bag 2
Electronic brake force support Are not
Panoramic camera Are not

Should I buy a used 2015 Toyota Hilux?

Currently, in the used car market, there are many models of Toyota Hilux 2015 with different prices. Price Toyota Hilux 2015 old Will be determined according to the value of the vehicle, the generation, the version of the vehicle, and the quality of the vehicle? Specifically, the current selling price of Toyota Hilux 2015 is ranging from 450 million to 650 million VND.

With the equipment on the car, the old Toyota Hilux 2015, the above price is completely worth it. If you are in need buy used pickup trucks the old Toyota Hilux is one of the top choices. The old 2015 Toyota Hilux is suitable for those who love a strong, modern look, often moving and carrying lots of things. However, to be sure to buy a quality old Toyota Hilux 2015, the buyer needs to learn and consider carefully.

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