Experience buying Toyota Highlander 2015

In the old SUV segment priced at less than 2 billion VND, experts evaluated Toyota Highlander 2015 old is a pretty “hot” name favored by customers.

Introducing Toyota Highlander 2015

In the 7-seat SUV segment, the 2015 Toyota Highlander continues to draw attention with a strong and strong image. The outstanding features of the old versions such as 2014 Toyota Highlander are still inherited in this 2015 version, at the same time there are a few more improvements to suit the tastes of users. Therefore, based on the evaluation of old 2015 Highlander cars, buyers can make a suitable decision for buying a used car.

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The old Toyota Highlander 2015 still has a strong and strong image

2015 Highlander exterior

It is still the tradition of the Highlander lines when the first part is designed to be quite strong and strong. Large grille, extremely sophisticated lighting system with brand-new Halogen headlights with multi-dimensional sensors, projector-type automatic front-light, LED daytime running lights and fog lights. 2015 Toyota Highlander image is also tweaked around the bodywork combined with embossed lines on both sides of the body for more personality and sport. The newest feature on the 2015 Highlander is the new 5-spoke aluminum alloy wheel set.

After 3 years of use, almost all old 2015 Toyota Highlanders are still quite new. Especially, if you are lucky enough to choose to buy a Toyota Highlander 2015 from a well-kept car owner, the view from the outside of the car is no different from a new car.

The old Toyota Highlander 2015 is considered quite new

2015 Toyota Highlander Specifications:

Size specifications

2015 Toyota Highlander

Specifications (length x width x height) (mm)

4,854 x 1,925 x 1,730

Wheel diameter (inch)

18 (standard) and 19 (premium)

WrathHighlander 2015 interior

Interior Toyota Highlander 2015 is quite spacious. Although used, but with the newly liquidated car lines plus the old owner using the car to keep it, you absolutely can own a 2015 Toyota Highlander that is still “delicious” like new but buy at the price of old car. 3 large rows of seats suitable for 8 people. However, like the old versions, the third row of seats is a bit narrow, so it is only suitable for small passengers.

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Spacious interior space

2015 Toyota Highlander is equipped with a high-quality leather 3-spoke steering wheel, with integrated 4-way power adjustment and buttons. Some other convenient equipment for Toyota Highlander 2015 such as: 12 speakers for good quality sound, CD player with connections AM, FM, USB, Bluetooth … LCD screen system displays multi-information for the operator good observation. In addition, the 2015 Toyota Highlander air-conditioning system is also equipped with 3 independent zones, and the air-conditioning system serves both the front and rear seats.

2015 Highlander Engine Specifications

Technical specifications

2015 Toyota Highlander

Engine capacity (standard version)

(length x WIDTH X HEIGHT)


Maximum capacity

185 horsepower


6-level automatic

In terms of fuel consumption, the 2015 Toyota Highlander falls to about 12 L / 100 km for city roads and 9.5 L / 100 km for long roads. The downside of the old 2015 Toyota Highlander lies in the operating engine when many people who have experienced this 2015 version feel that the car is not really agile, possibly because the engine has to bear the weight of the car.

2015 Highlander safety equipment

Safety features equipped for the 2015 Toyota Highlander include: electronic brake force distribution, anti-lock braking system, crankshaft balance system, emergency brake assist, parking assist and start Cross slope, blind spot detection and anti-collision warning. In addition, the car is also equipped with 9 safety airbags including front seat airbags, driver pillow protection airbags, curtain airbags; 3-point seat belt system, electric control mirror, LATCH for children … The rear of the car has been improved to add a reversing sensor that works for rear parking.

The car is pretty much equipped with modern safety

Should I buy a used 2015 Toyota Highlander?

The price of old Toyota Highlander 2015 car ranges from 1 billion to 1 billion 700 million dong. Depending on the old condition of the vehicle, each car will be priced differently. If you are wondering what to buy a 7-seat used car, the old 2015 Toyota Highlander is also an option that should be taken into consideration. The car is suitable for families who want to use it as a means of transportation, especially during outing or traveling. However, before deciding to buy, you also need to learn about buying old Highlander to choose the best car.

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