Experience buying old Suzuki Vitara

Experience buying old Suzuki Vitara

It’s not natural The old Suzuki Vitara is quite “Lackluster” in the segment. So whether to buy Old Suzuki Vitara before many other attractive options?

General assessment of Suzuki Virata

Previously, in the small 5-seater SUV segment, the Suzuki Vitara car was not as noticeable as many other competitors in the segment. However, over the past few years, thanks to many innovations and efforts by Suzuki to catch up with competitors in the same segment, Vitara has also gradually received a welcome from customers.

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Vitara model life 2016

The upcoming Vitara 2019 version Suzuki is considered to be a highly improved version in the middle of the fourth generation Vitara. According to the assessment of the new Suzuki Vitara, this car has changed a lot both in terms of engine and exterior along with some interior equipment. This will increase the selling price of cars in 2019 and create a downward trend with older cars. This will also be a good opportunity for car owners to buy old Suzuki Vitara car with more preferential prices.

Advantages of the old Suzuki Vitara

Less miscellaneous

As a CBU imported model and developed by a Japanese automaker, Vitara operates relatively persistently and with little breakdowns. Just pay attention to the warranty / maintenance on time and promptly replace the components that have reached the end of their service life so that the car can operate smoothly and endure for many years. Even up to now, the cars produced from 2004 can still operate stably without much damage. This is also an advantage that helps Vitara win the hearts of customers who want a car to save costs when using.

High chassis design, suitable for many terrains in Vietnam

This is also one of the very strong advantages of Suzuki Vitara. With the design of high ground clearance, many users want to buy an old 5-seater car consider. Along with that, the car also has a good chassis and suspension system, so the car can adapt to a variety of different terrains.

Vitara is designed with a large ground clearance

The car can operate well in the city, well-balanced with bouncy, slippery roads and also has a decent level of wading ability. Therefore, Vitara can be used in both the city and the countryside, or even on the construction sites. Therefore, buying old Suzuki Vitara is not only used in the home, but also by many people buy old Suzuki Vitara for off-road testing or for demanding long-distance travel.

Utilities and fully furnished

Vitara is increasingly invested by Suzuki car company in terms of utility and technology. IN Old Vitara 2016, this model has a combination of leather and suede seats to both create accent and increase comfort for the user. The space in the car is also relatively spacious and the luggage area has nearly doubled, from 375L to 710L. Other features such as air conditioning, entertainment, touch screen … are fully equipped and can be used at a stable level.

Disadvantages of old Suzuki Vitara car

With Suzuki Vitara, especially the old and earlier 2015 Suzuki Vitara cars, the car has many major disadvantages such as:

There are many shortcomings in operation

The vehicle is not equipped with a machine with too large a capacity to ensure the feeling of “loading” and “already” for the owner. Particular, 2015 Suzuki Vitara vehicles with two petrol / diesel engine versions, but both have 1.6L engine capacity. Although this engine capacity helps the car to save fuel, it also makes the car more susceptible to stalling in case of climbing and having to carry full load. Compared with the Ford EcoSport, the Suzuki Vitara looks “weaker”.

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Operational ability is still limited

In addition, the car’s steering wheel, clutch / brake / gas pedal are quite heavy and are compared by many car owners as only suitable for “muscular” people. This is also old Suzuki Vitara car disadvantages because the car is only suitable for men and those who like the feeling of “genuine” driving. As for car owners who like a light and easy ride, they usually will not choose the Vitara series.

Besides, many people Used Suzuki Vitara car review unstable operation at speeds above 100km / h. When running at this speed, the car gives a feeling of floating a lot, causing unpleasant car sickness. With that, some old lives like Suzuki Vitara 2012, Suzuki Vitara 2013 or before that, there may be a situation where the gear lever and the taplo are shaking when running at high speed.

Less “toys” and gadgets

Suzuki Vitara cars before 2018 often have very little technology and utility to serve users. Some features such as smart start, cruise control, navigation … are still quite “luxury” with this car. Even, the company does not offer many upgrade packages for customers who need it, so Vitara users are often difficult to “level” more utilities as desired.

Taplo car Suzuki Vitara 2016 with quite a few utilities

Should I buy the used Suzuki Vitara?

Although there are many advantages and disadvantages, the old Suzuki Vitara car is also a very suitable choice for users wishing to buy a 500 million old 5-seater car.. Because, Vitara is a vehicle that operates quite fuel-saving, durable, the old car’s price is quite low and is also easy to repair, maintain and suitable for customers who need to use the car on many different terrains. . In case you need more utilities, a car with a large engine capacity and a more beautiful design, you should choose some other models like the Ford EcoSport or Hyundai i20 Active to better suit your needs.

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