Experience buying cheap old Ford Fiesta "super standard"

Experience buying cheap old Ford Fiesta “super standard”

With many advantages in operation, the old Ford Fiesta is often used as a service vehicle. So when buying an old Fiesta, you need to know the test experience to avoid buying a “butt” car.

Choose to buy the old Ford Fiesta at a reputable source

Purchasing power is the deciding factor of the vehicle. If you can buy an old Ford Fiesta directly from acquaintances and friends, you will of course be assured of quality. In case you buy a car from a used car dealership, you should try to choose reputable partners.

Owners should try to choose reputable sources of Ford FiestaOwners should try to choose reputable sources of Ford Fiesta

You can check the creditworthiness through the Internet or through Groups, forums, Fanpage FB. Other longtime auto users will help you gain experience or can advise you on reliable addresses.

After choosing a place to buy a car, the next step you need to do is to carefully check the documents related to the car such as registration, registration, insurance (if any). If purchased at a consignment center, a notarized purchase contract / car owner’s authorization is required. Ford Fiesta has been assembled in Vietnam since 2011, and previous models (if any) were all imported units. Therefore, if buying a car before 2011, the source of the car is also an issue that buyers need to pay special attention.

2010 Ford Fiesta cars are imported2010 Ford Fiesta cars are imported

Bring the car to the center by inspection

If you do not have the experience of buying used cars, this is a very simple and easy solution that you can apply when choosing Fiesta. When you bring your car to the company, you can easily check the level of damage of the vehicle, and, be thoroughly consulted about the costs that need to be paid to repair the car after buying. This will be a very good basis for you to evaluate and negotiate more with the car owner to buy a good car at a price close to the actual quality of the vehicle.

In case you are not close to genuine maintenance centers, prospective car owners can also bring the old Ford Fiesta they intend to buy to the car repair shop for inspection. Buyers need to evaluate the old Ford Fiesta thoroughly in all systems such as chassis, engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, chassis, brakes … until utilities and entertainment. A thorough inspection will help you detect errors on the system.

Taking your car to a service center will help you get an accurate estimate of the Fiesta you are going to buyTaking your car to a service center will help you get an accurate estimate of the Fiesta you are going to buy

Observe carefully the details showing signs of heavy use on the vehicle

If you use Ford Fiesta as a service vehicle, there will certainly be many signs showing the high frequency of vehicle use. The buyer should check carefully the following parts of the vehicle and if there are signs of wear, degradation or unusual replacement of the vehicle, question should be made. These parts are: steering wheel, door handles, leather upholstery (Tatinium, Sport), exterior paint on the steps up and down, the lever handle … You should not rely too much on the meter meters by now, the car mechanic can completely reverse the speedometer to fool those who are not “connoisseur” of cars.

Locations that are likely to be paralyzed or faded with paint if used extensivelyLocations that are likely to be paralyzed or faded with paint if used extensively

In addition to the above signs, there are a few parts that need special inspection if you buy an old Ford Fiesta, which is a gearbox in the cars manufactured before 2015. With these cars, in the automatic transmission, Powershift gearboxes are very easy to malfunction, difficult to repair and even lead to the need to replace the entire gearbox with expensive price. Therefore, when driving a test drive, it is necessary to operate a special gearbox at a low speed. If you find that the condition of the gearbox, the car is growling, it is difficult to change the gear, you need to consult the longtime car mechanic to avoid having to change the gearbox as soon as you buy a new car. Along with that are the perishable systems such as entertainment screens (if any), indoor units and engines.

Pre-2015 Fiesta cars often suffer from gearbox faultsPre-2015 Fiesta cars often suffer from gearbox faults

Finally, because the Ford Fiesta is offered by Ford with many different versions and models: Trent, Titanium, Sport … in both sedan and hatchback segments. So before you buy a car, you need to find out carefully about the car you are about to buy to grasp the “hard” options on the car. This will give you a basis for a more accurate assessment of the price of the car as well as the parts that the owner of the car has added.

Currently, the price of old Ford Fiesta is below 550 million with the cars from 2016 and earlier. If you love the sporty driving feel and dynamic design of this American model, you can choose a Fiesta as a means of transportation for yourself or a service car for more revenue. for family.

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