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Experience AirPods Pro's noise and talk feature: Great!

This is the Airpods Pro, then as you know more or less about it because the information about it is nowadays. Haven't seen any $ 250 earphones but have a lot of posts on it. Airpods Pro was launched in an extremely sensitive context: after Sony WF-1000XM3 only a few months, and just before CES 2020. Airpods Pro is also a noise-canceling headset, there is no app attached, only iOS 13 never mind. Spending time too much should write about the first story for you to read:

first. Noise Canceling Maximum

This girl is in-ear, wearing earplugs that are more sealed than Airpods 1 and 2 (if not smooth, close the ears, you remember to change the other silicon eartips size). Turning on the maximum noise canceling, the feeling of noise canceling is quite comfortable. I tried to ride it on the road and found that the anti-noise performance of this one was too good. Unexpectedly good, in addition, the feeling in the ear canal is very comfortable, when talking, opening or closing mouth, the feeling of pressure in the ears is also comfortable. I guess the Vane regulates the air pressure in the ear canal. This problem, the meal he @cuhiep go run La An Ultra Trail also confirmed.

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“I wore a jog yesterday at La An Ultratrail, ran all day with her #AirPodsPro really amazing. No bum bum when running, no secret when wearing for long, music is still good or in listening mode through … Feeling in addition to the mic, there is a valve to regulate the air inside and outside so it does not lose weight by pressure. "

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Wear this when driving, not buzzing due to the wind, like other noise-canceling in-ear headphones, especially the Sony WF-1000XM3. Surely very many brothers will love this nature.

2. Transparency

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This is the mode that Airpods Pro helps you hear sounds from the outside environment. This is the top of the peak, I really like this feature. Among the WF-1000XM3, Sennheiser Momentum True-wireless, Airpods Pro, I gave the first-class US house, Japan ranked second and the German house was the poorest. The clarity and thickness of the surrounding sound are quite real with moderate intensity. For example: you are in a rigid crowd of traffic jams, loud and loud, sirens and dense engine sounds, this mode will make them smaller and the cars … sparse. : D

It has not stopped here. This mode is very harsh =]]In my day, I drove @eddie_labo to Pullman Hotel. Get in the car and turn on Transparency On. I noticed that if I stopped the red light, I heard the sound of both sides clearly and thickly. But when driving, the intensity of the surrounding sound will decrease a bit more. This change process takes about 4-5 seconds. The guy in the back of the car still communicates very well with me. And in this mode, there's no wind buzzing, ahihi.

This only shows the car when I'm driving, but when I walk in the neighborhood at home, I see everything is still big and warm as the red light stops. Probably not going fast enough

3. Microphone: 10 points for Airpod Pro home.

I called @Knah, in the middle of the Hang Xanh roundabout toward Nghe Tinh Soviet Union, at 5:30 pm, the cars were stuffed like sardines in a box of three girls. Anyone who goes through this segment will understand it now. She said it sounded good, like you were sitting in a normal space talking on the phone, listening loudly and clearly. I called the kids at home and asked them to turn on the speaker and listen to it, they all had the same opinion. Airpods 1 and Airpods 2 already have a great conversational microphone, Airpods Pro does even better. When I drove on the empty road, about 50km / h, the other person still reported that I was talking clearly. Running faster, I have not tried. But I also rarely run faster.

Okay, this is what I evaluate about the noise resistance of Airpods Pro, whoever bought it already, then confirm it and say if they want to play it, have a picture as possible : D Others are writing, but if you like it, you can come here to check it first, remember to Like and Subscribe for Audio Tinhte!

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