Expectations Xiaomi Redmi 10: Continuing to keep the extremely cheap price, refurbishing more 5G technology and many important improvements in performance

Expectations Xiaomi Redmi 10: Continuing to keep the extremely cheap price, refurbishing more 5G technology and many important improvements in performance

In the near future, Xiaomi will continue to launch Redmi 10 in India and quite a lot of people mistakenly think this smartphone is Redmi 10X. Inheriting from the Redmi 9 series, Redmi 10 promises to be equipped with 5G technology, with many great improvements in both performance and features at an extremely cheap price. To look forward to the appearance of the next member of the Xiaomi family, let’s take a look at the Xiaomi Redmi 10 expectations through this article!

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Redmi 10 will own Dimensity 700 with 5G support and 4 GB RAM

Most of the previous Redmi 9 series products have MediaTek chipsets, like Redmi 9 comes with Helio G35, Redmi 9 Prime with Helio G80 chipset, while Redmi 9A and Redmi 9i come with Helio G25. So when Xiaomi launches this Redmi 10, I expect the device to be equipped with a Dimensity 700 chip that supports 5G. Along with that, the RAM capacity of the device will be 4 GB and the internal memory will be increased from 64 GB to 128 GB with a microSD card slot.

The internal memory of Redmi 10 will be upgraded from 64 GB to 128 GB with a microSD card slot (Artwork: Redmi 9). Source: India Today.

The reason I expect so is because Redmi 9 has been likened by users to a phone that blurs the line between mid-range and cheap smartphones. The Dimensity 700 is increasingly popular on smartphones priced below 250 USD (about under 5.8 million VND).

Xiaomi Redmi 10
Expect Realme C25s to be equipped with Dimensity 700 chip. TechToday.

Equipping 4 GB of RAM in my opinion is reasonable for a cheap machine like Redmi 10 so that you can manipulate basic tasks such as browsing the Web, surfing Tiktok, plowing movies without experiencing slowness or slowness. jerky, lag.

Redmi 10 can support the prevailing 5G connection in line with the general trend

So far, 5G chipsets in the mobile phone market have been mainly equipped on mid-range to high-end devices, and 5G chips for low-cost devices are quite rare. So when you get the Dimensity 700, the device will be supported with technologies such as dedicated AI or allow you to use outstanding 5G connections, extremely fast internet access speeds.

Xiaomi Redmi 10
Redmi 10 will support technologies such as dedicated AI on the camera and 5G connectivity. Source: Yuga Tech.

Xiaomi is famous for its playability when it comes to always wanting to bring great things on their products. Typically, Redmi 9 has owned a large 5,020 mAh battery with 18 W fast charging technology. This is most likely to remain the same for its predecessor Redmi 10, but I still want the new smartphone to have many improvements, although just a little bit. I hope Redmi 10 will be accompanied by a battery of 5,500 mAh or more with a charging speed raised to 22 W for you to use the phone comfortably all day without worrying about running out of battery.

Xiaomi Redmi 10
Redmi 10 will come with a battery of 5,500 mAh or more with 22 W charging speed. Source: TechToday.

Redmi 10 will have a design similar to Redmi 9 but a better screen

Xiaomi smartphones always attract users by their dynamic and colorful appearance, I think our Redmi 10 is the same. The phone will have a design similar to the previous Redmi 9 series and will have more fashionable color options.

Xiaomi Redmi 10
Redmi 10 will have a design similar to the previous Redmi 9 series and will have more color options. (Artwork: Redmi 9). Source: Mi.com

Most smartphones in the low-cost segment available on the market today only use IPS LCD panels with a resolution of HD +. Therefore, I personally cannot hope for more than the fact that Xiaomi 10 has a large 6.55-inch mole screen with Full HD + resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz giving you an eye-catching experience, sharp images, bringing you the best experience. to smooth, responsive entertainment experiences, especially when playing games with matching configurations.

Xiaomi Redmi 10
Redmi 10 will have a large screen for an extreme entertainment experience. (Representative image of Redmi Note 10). Source: Nashville Chatter.

How much will Redmi 10 cost?

It seems that Xiaomi is increasingly showing their pricing strategy on almost every smartphone front today. Therefore, there is no reason that I should not expect the attractive price of Redmi 10, right? Other parts aside, you’ll have a stable configuration, trendy 5G technology, and an eye-catching design with a large battery. All wrapped up in a phone of about 4 million, I hope this is a price that cannot be more competitive.

Above are my expectations for the upcoming Redmi 10 phone, if you have more wishes about this smartphone, leave your comments below in the comments section now!

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