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Exclusive on the hands of Focal Utopia by Tournaire nearly 3 billion – the world's most expensive headset

At the recent Headphile show, there was a unique headset: the Focal Utopia by Tournaire. This is a special version of the top Utopia earpiece, which is sold by Tournaire, a famous jewelry brand from France. Through the hands of skilled goldsmiths, the Utopia headset is worn with an 18K gold shirt and 6.5 diamond crarat. This special version costs up to 2.7 billion VND for headphones, if you want a rack and you have to spend nearly 3 billion more

In fact, this version will be no different from the regular version of Uptopia headphones that cost $ 4,000. I share with ae a few pictures of caution because she is too luxurious and expensive and does not always have the opportunity to interact. Limited goods and again fashioned so don't ask why it is so expensive, because it is expensive : D. Brothers who have the financial ability and like to buy about collectibles go down without thinking about the toxicity of it

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This child is isolated, only allowed to watch, not to touch. Because of the distance, not everyone can look at her close-up. I was lucky to hold her in my hand and shoot a few pictures to show me

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The Focal Utopia by Tournaire is essentially different from the regular version on the outside, the mesh face of the headset and some details are plated with 18K gold, there are also many diamonds, most notably 6 diamonds The big nature is on the left and right sides of the headset.

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I hold it in my hand and I'm afraid of scratching (even though I have gloves), not to mention the misfortune of flying a diamond, but I have to porridge.

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The bottom of the middle earcup also has 44 other smaller sized diamonds. Gold and diamond mosaics were made at the Tournaire headquarters in Paris, under the hand of the artisans Philippe and Mathieu Tournaire. This headset is purchased separately, somewhere around VND 2,700,000,000 (VND 2.7 billion), buy a stand of gold-plated head like in the picture, nearly 3 billion : D


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