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Exciter 150 USD forks with toy details cost more than 120 million

Exciter 150 degrees ornamental Mr. T, a car enthusiast in Saigon. After calculating the cost of toys, wages and zin corpses, the total value of this Exciter 150 is up to more than 120 million, more money than the car money, he will soon add some significant toys, MotoSaigon.vn will update to version 2.0. Remember to watch it.


List of toys on the first 150-strong Exciter in Vietnam:

first/ Upside Down Ohlins forks, Heo Brembo (according to Mr. T share, this is a pair of forks he scours many new places to find pairs of leftovers quite long at a store) cost more than 18 million. The CNC panels must be re-fabricated for pre-mounting

2/ Pick up later for Exciter 150 more than 15 million. Use zin cake with size 120. Many comments why not make it bigger than 140, 150, 160. Mr. T said, he tried to go bigger but because the width of the wheel is smaller than the width of the wheel. Big cake it will squeeze the cake Should choose the most reasonable zin wheels, do not weigh the car.

3 / Rizoma rear license plate cost nearly 5 million.

4 / Dishes Rizoma other toys such as oil bottles, pretty couples, Domino toy gloves, motor oil cap … total value more than 20 million

Additional assembly cost, the total value Exciter 150 GP ornamental This is over 120 million. Toys more than the value of Ex 150 GP zin car cost 58.5 million.


Upside-down forks Upside Down must do a completely different fork

IMG20150123162251354.jpgClose-up of single pick and DID slug on Exicter 150,

The toy license plate of Rizoma is neat and nice, running behind the car looks very sporty

Upside Down Ohlins forks for Exciter 150

IMG20150123162056508.jpg CNC Pâté, Brembo Pork, USD Ohlins forks.

According to Mr. T, when picking up this application, the problem of the car has slightly decreased, such as when putting the number 3 with the pick up zin up slightly, after picking up the single, the number 3 increases slightly lumbering a little bit, but when there is momentum, the feeling of rushing away very quickly. Soon he will be up 1 more toys, the car will look harder. Join MotoSaigon.vn to see more toys on the car.


Surely you all see Zin po quite itchy eyes? 😀 many people also commented why not on the po? In fact, for the purpose of daily use, and also the age, the pô is not really suitable, the pô zin has been cut short by Mr. T so that there is no excess over the back wheel.

Close-up clip Exciter 150 ornamental with fork Upside Down Ohlins and grippers

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