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Exciter 150 degrees upside down forks upside down for 3 million

Exciter 150 GP upside down forks 3 million forks upside down always fenders first. The case of CNC fork is quite meticulous, after being CNC, just insert the piece on the top of the zin fork, so it is still possible to retain the fork and zin to add a pratical mount before … the whole set costs 3 million … 1 of his products Phi Long.


Exciter 150 with Upside Down forks after completion

Close-up of the upside-down forks and Upside-down forks.
CNC process forks fork
Exciter_150_phuoc_gia_upside_down_MotoSaigon_4.jpgExciter_150_phuoc_gia_upside_down_MotoSaigon_2.jpgExciter_150_phuoc_gia_upside_down_MotoSaigon_5.jpgExciter_150_phuoc_gia_upside_down_MotoSaigon_6.jpgUpside Down fake forks after finishing can be plated with color matching the car

Clip test the shrugging of Upside Down forks on Exciter 150 GP

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