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Exciter 135 degrees to the tail of Exciter 150 in Saigon

Exciter 135 (Ex 135) level on the tail of Exciter 150 (Ex 150) of a passionate biker in Saigon, because he likes the old style of Ex 135 but has a beautiful design of Ex 150 tail, he is strong format to bring the Ex 135 to dissect at Che Che Bin, and the results are worth the effort. You and MotoSaigon.vn invite you to see the first 135 tail 150 this offline. 😀

Ex 135 degrees to the tail of Ex 150


The details include: Fender rear fenders, Ex 150 tail lights, Ex 150 turn signals and two plastic panels on both sides have been redesigned to create a bigger shape for the rear. Total cost to set up such staging about 3 million.

Plastic under the tail need rework to attach new fenders of Ex 150

Panoramic Exciter 135 degrees on the tail Exciter 150 with a cost of 3 million

Collection of toys for Exciter 150

Photo: Bin Che Pus

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