Excessive opaque water drop, rebel Idlib rebel fruit

Excessive opaque water drop, rebel Idlib rebel fruit

(News 24h)
                        Twelve jihadists have been destroyed, dozens of combat vehicles and war vehicles have been destroyed after the attack on SAA.

Taking advantage of bad weather conditions, as well as the context of escalating tensions between the United States and Iran, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and his allies suddenly launched an attack on the morning of January 8.

The location targeted by the rebel group is a military base of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in southeastern Idlib province.

After fierce fighting with SAA, HTS gained control of three small towns, Delim, Barsah and Samkeh. These towns were liberated by the SAA during the campaign two weeks ago.

The next day, the SAA reorganized their forces, launched a counter-attack in the afternoon of the same day, knocking HTS out of the position they had captured just a few hours earlier.

With the advantage of firepower, SAA caused the rebels to suffer heavy losses. According to SOHR, 12 jihadists have been destroyed, dozens of combat vehicles and war vehicles have been destroyed.

Losing the country, the United Nations paid Idlib a lot
SAA army on the Idlib battlefield

Due to bad weather conditions, the Russian and Syrian air forces could not deploy air strikes to support ground forces. Therefore, during this time, the government forces did not deploy any other campaigns in Idlib.

Forecast, in the next 2 days, the weather in northwest Syria will stabilize. And that would probably be a “bad day” for the rebels in the face of intense fire from the Russian air force.

In a related development, the Syrian Arab Army is moving to show that they are moving artillery to the areas north of al-Tamanah and Khan Sheikhoun.

With the heavy weapons transferred back to southern Idlib, the SAA appears to be preparing the final steps for a large-scale campaign aimed at rebel forces.

The defense system in southern Idlib is becoming loose after precise Russian air strikes. Although HTS sent many gunmen to reinforce Idlib’s defense, that did not help improve the situation.

With superior firepower, observers believe that, SAA will easily break the line of HTS in southern Idlib to penetrate deeper into the territory of this province.

While they are defending against jihadists on Wednesday, the Syrian Army continues to move equipment into the area, particularly along the Ma’arat Al-Nu’man lines.

The same day, local sources revealed that the US military withdrew from two bases in northeastern Syria heading towards Iraq.

Specifically, about 40 trucks with military equipment left Khrab al-Jir base in Hasakah province to the border with Iraq. Meanwhile, 50 trucks with military equipment left their base in the city of Shaddadi and headed for the al-Walid border checkpoint on the border with Iraq.

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