Excellent sound quality, modern design

With nearly 100 years of experience, Shure is one of the leading manufacturers in the audio equipment market. The company produces a wide range of audio equipment products, ranging from stage equipment and studio microphones, to high-end monitoring headphones. Shure has a single goal that is to bring users the best sound quality.

Recently, the company has launched the latest Bluetooth headset product line, called Shure AONIC 40 at the CES 2022 technology fair. The product possesses a more dynamic design than ever before, giving a good impression to users. Over-ear headphones not only possess an eye-catching appearance, but also have an impressive sound quality. Today’s article will review in detail about the Shure AONIC 40 line of headphones, thereby showing the plus and minus points of the product line.

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Specifications of Shure AONIC 40

  • Design form: Over-ear headphones
  • Driver: dynamic, 40 mm
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 31 Ohm
  • Supported codec formats: SBC, AAC and aptX HD
  • Weight: 319 g

Shure AONIC 40

Shure AONIC 40: Design

The Shure AONIC 40 is released in two color versions, black or white, and has an outer shell made mainly of plastic. The back of the headband and the inside of the ear cups are stuffed with thick padding, providing a comfortable wearing feeling. The sound chamber of each earcup has a 2-way size of 5.5 x 4 cm, allowing the wearer’s ears to be fully embraced inside. Even during long sessions of use, we did not feel any pain when using the headset. The core of the headband is made of steel, giving the product rigidity.

AONIC 40 comes with a large hard case, to protect the headset if you want to bring it. However, this box is quite large, with a length of 3 sides of 21 × 18 × 7 cm, making it not very convenient to wear a pair of headphones. The manufacturer also includes a USB Type-C to Type-A converter cable and a 3.5mm audio cable.

Shure AONIC 40: Features

Most of the functions of the Shure AONIC 40 are controlled via the 5 physical buttons of the headset. The power button and Bluetooth connection button are located on the left earbud, while functions such as volume change, music on / off, virtual assistant and call management are done through 3 physical buttons. of the right earbud. The right earbud is also equipped with a function button on the underside, this button allows users to quickly switch between soundproof mode and crosstalk listening mode.

The pair of headphones are compatible with the companion app ShurePlus Play (which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS). The app allows users to customize a few different settings, such as active noise cancellation or the intensity of crosstalk. In addition to changing the settings of these functions, you can turn off battery level warnings or change the connection mode.

According to the manufacturer, the sound quality of the headset will be slightly reduced if you use the microphone to talk. Overall, this companion app offers a good usage experience and offers various useful features. The Shure AONIC 40 is a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a high build quality and finish.

Shure AONIC 40

Shure AONIC 40: Bluetooth connection

The Shure AONIC 40 is wirelessly supported with Bluetooth version 5.2. During our experience, the pair of headphones had stable connection performance and no lag at all. The Shure AONIC 40 has a fairly wide connection range, up to 13 meters from the source device.

Users can easily pair the headset with the source device by pressing the product’s Bluetooth connection button, then searching for the name of the pair of headphones in the Bluetooth connection section on the phone is complete. Once set up, the pair of headphones will automatically connect to the source device on subsequent uses.

Shure AONIC 40: Call quality

In everyday calls, the Shure AONIC 40 delivers very good call performance. The call quality of the headset is not affected by ambient noise or Bluetooth connectivity. The manufacturer has done a great job with the product’s noise cancellation feature, allowing me to listen to phone calls comfortably without being interrupted by various types of noise from the surrounding environment.

Shure AONIC 40: Sound Quality

The Shure AONIC 40 is equipped with a pair of dynamic drivers with a diameter of 40 mm. We noticed a slight difference in sound quality when using a pair of headphones through different connection methods to the source device. The pair of headphones support aptX HD and SBC codec formats, which are the best formats for playing music over Bluetooth at the moment. The Bluetooth connection of the pair of headphones is always stable when listening to music as well as when watching movies.

The pair of headphones has a pretty good overall sound quality, regardless of the type of connection method you use (Bluetooth, USB Type-C or 3.5mm cable). The bass range and especially the sub-bass range (about 20 to 60Hz) is not too strong, but the remaining sound bands are shown in a neutral and balanced way. We noticed that the volume level of the headphones was slightly reduced in the mid range and at the end of the treble range.

If you are not really satisfied with the typical sound quality of the headphones, you can use the EQ settings in the ShurePlus Play app to customize it to your liking.

Shure AONIC 40: Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation is achieved through the microphone combinations on the inside and outside of the headset. Noises such as fans, keyboards and other workplace noises are effectively blocked. Even louder noises like a motorcycle engine didn’t affect my listening experience much.

The noise cancellation feature of the Shure AONIC 40, although not able to block 100% of outside noise, can still give users a quiet enough listening space.

Shure AONIC 40: Battery life

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the Shure AONIC 40 is estimated to be about 25 hours in a charge-discharge cycle. During actual use, in the absence of use with noise cancellation, the pair of headphones lasted about 25 hours and 30 minutes before running out of battery completely.

The pair of headphones has a fairly fast charging speed, with only 20 minutes of plugging in the cord will bring 25% of the battery level, enough for you to use for about 5 to 6 hours.


In terms of sound quality, wearing experience and battery life, the Shure AONIC 40 is a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones, and also has active noise cancellation with pretty good performance. Compared to its predecessor, the new pair of headphones has a more neutral and modern design. However, this new version of the headset is not innovative in terms of features compared to the old headset line. If you are looking for a high-quality Bluetooth headset product line, then the Shure AONIC 40 will be a good choice worth considering.

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Plus mark

  • Nice design, good build quality
  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • Effective noise cancellation feature
  • Good sound quality compared to the segment
  • Long battery life

Minus point

  • No new features compared to the previous version

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