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Evidence that GTA 6 is about to debut

Are you a loyal fan of GTA series? Have you explored every corner of GTA 5 and are counting the days waiting for GTA 6? Be excited because it looks like the launch date of the blockbuster GTA 6 is very close.

According to an information recorded in the Rockstar Games recruitment profile, an extremely important detail was found by the community. It is Rockstar Games recruiting a position described as follows: "Video editor, convey the content, emotions and excitement of the game in 60 seconds. Priority to those who have experience with plays, documentaries … "

Evidence that GTA 6 is about to debut - Picture 1.

A description of the new vacancy Rockstar Games is looking for

With the above job description, we can completely understand that Rockstar Games is looking for a good team to produce a trailer for a blockbuster. Not too hard to guess this is most likely going to be GTA 6.

Evidence that GTA 6 is about to debut - Photo 2.

Going back in time, we can see that GTA 5 has a life of up to 7 years. This is enough time to finish waiting for a game. Although GTA5 is constantly being improved with new updates, fans of this famous franchise are still looking forward to the new product called GTA6. A lot of the rumors surrounding GTA6 have been aroused before, but none of them have been verified.

If previous rumors are true, GTA 6 will be released in 2020 and may be released exclusively on PS5 before finally coming to Xbox Scarlett and PC. GTA 6 will take place in 2 different locations, Vice City and a new fictional location based on Rio de Janeiro. The setting for GTA 6 will take place in the 70/80s and will only be playable.

Could these rumors come true? Let's wait and see.

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