'Everywhere Hero', Lim Young-woong's'Steamed Fan' grandmother story

‘Everywhere Hero’, Lim Young-woong’s’Steamed Fan’ grandmother story


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SBS’Moment capture! In’Oh My God’ (hereinafter’Moment Capture’), I visited a barber shop in a quiet town. The husband, who guided the production crew to the room, said that his wife couldn’t wake up thinking about other men all day long, and guided her to the room of Grandma Hong Gyeong-ok (68). In the room, I could see the face of the trot singer Lim Young-woong who filled all directions.

When I looked at it, there were everything except for’Im Heroic Goods’, but the number of cheering sticks, posters, grip talks, mugs, bags, umbrellas, etc. alone exceeded 300. However, if the mug is hot water, it is not possible to use cold water because it is’the reason that the hero is hot’ and cold water is’the reason that it is cold’.

The goods that came out as daily necessities were also stored without writing any small scars on the face of Lim Young-woong, and thanks to the pictures that took up the entire wall, the husband made eye contact with Lim Young-woong every time he lay down to sleep.

In addition, if you’re a fan of Youngwoong Lim, streaming certification is basic, and it is essential to shoot a stage video on TV. ‘Was prepared. You can directly check how much interest you are toward Lim.

There was a reason that the protagonist became so addicted to Lim Young-woong. He said that when I wanted to let go of everything while going through difficult times, Lim Young-woong’s story and song came as a great consolation. Young-woong Lim, who brought back his wife’s laughter, was also grateful to his grandfather, and his heart was prepared as a surprise event! The scene was touched by someone who appeared nicely in front of the protagonist’s eyes. The touching scene is revealed in capturing the moment.

Reporter Kim Hye-jeong hck79@kyunghyang.com

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