Everything about the 'boss' Lilith - the ultimate super boss will appear in the blockbuster Diablo 4 - Photo 2.

Everything about the 'boss' Lilith – the ultimate super boss will appear in the blockbuster Diablo 4

Officially announced at the Blizzcon event on the morning of November 2, Diablo 4 quickly received the special attention of gamers around the world. In addition to giving a close-up look at gameplay and character classes, the trailer for Diablo 4 also drew attention when revealing the image of 'Boss' Lilith – the character who is expected to play the final boss role. in the game.

As a character who has a great influence on the world of Diablo, Queen Lilith is actually considered as the mother of human heroes, powerful warriors who defeat countless demons and angels through 3 parts of Blizzard's Diablo blockbuster series.

Her appearance at Diablo 4 will create a much more interesting unknown than the appearance of the demon lords or the metamorphosis angels. Let's find out why.

Movie trailer of Diablo IV.

Return to Lilith's source

The world of Diablo from the era after the battle between Anu and Tathamet has created two opposing worlds: a high heaven filled with light and a hot, dark deep Hell. Creatures in two worlds are caught up in an Eternal War to compete for the Heart of Creation (Worldstone, a huge diamond block destroyed by Tyrael at the end of Diablo 2).

Lilith is the daughter of the king of Hell Mephisto, queen of the female demon Succubi, one of the rare evil leaders who is fed up with the Eternal War. By chance, she discovered sympathy with Inaris, an angel on the enemy's side of Heaven, fell in love with him and planned to end the war.

Together, they steal Worldstone to create a whole new world called Sanctuary. The disappearance of Worldstone ended the war between Heaven and Hell, because now, the greatest spoil of war has been gone.

In the Sanctuary world, Lilith and Inarius began to give birth to their first children. This class of ancestors, called Nephalem, possesses the potential for infinite power, even surpassing the creatures in Heaven and Hell. Lilith had great expectations for this generation of descendants, as she believed that they would end the Eternal War with strength (Humans will defeat Heaven and Hell to retain a single world, Sanctuary).

However, Lilith's angel husband Inarius did not agree. He feared the power of his descendants could create danger for the worlds and directly attract the attention of both Heaven and Hell. A council was formed to discuss whether or not to destroy the Nephalem class? It was this discussion that made Lilith lose control.

Everything about the 'boss' Lilith - the ultimate super boss will appear in the blockbuster Diablo 4 - Photo 3.

As a mother, Lilith of course did not accept it while Inarius tried to find the most reasonable solution by using Worldstone to suppress the power of Nephalem. When Inarius successfully tested his method, upon returning home, he discovered that Lilith had gone mad and killed all who had disagreements. Stunned and angry, Inarius banished Lilith into a deep realm of the universe.

Besides, under the power of Worldstone, most of the Nephalem have lost their potential power and become normal humans. Only, there are still some individuals who can awaken strength under special conditions of exploration.

What will Lilith do in Diablo 4?

Unlike the demon lords or the fallen angels who often aim to destroy the human world, Lilith appearing in Diablo 4 will bring an interesting mystery in her conspiracy. Maybe this time, the first final boss in the Diablo series will not aim to eradicate humanity first.

Everything about the 'boss' Lilith - the ultimate super boss will appear in the blockbuster Diablo 4 - Photo 4.

Lilith appears with an unclear ploy in Diablo 4.

In response to the events of The Sin War and the end of Diablo 3, Lilith will likely look to the plot to control the Nephalem to destroy the two worlds of Heaven and Hell.

At the end of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, when the archangel of Justice Tyrael witnessed the Nephalem heroes defeat Malthael, he was afraid of the saviors of the world expressed by the sentence. talk:

"In the new light comes the image of a hero protecting the innocent, who can defeat both the strongest warriors of Heaven and Hell. But in the end, Nephalem still carried the mortal's heart, which could be corrupted and corrupted. Until then, wonder if Nephalem will still be the savior or will become the destroyer of all creation. "

Everything about the 'boss' Lilith - the ultimate super boss will appear in the blockbuster Diablo 4 - Photo 5.

What will the power that destroyed both the demons and the strongest angels create if one day the hearts of Nephalem were corrupted? This detail, linked to Queen Lilith's transparent purpose, will create a complicated and unexpected development in the plot of Diablo 4.

In fact, Lilith had greater power than all the bosses Diablo players had ever faced. As the daughter of the Underworld king, she can rule over the remaining army of demons in Hell during the time when the seven demon lords only exist in spirit form.

But above all, Lilith could unleash her potential, deceive and corrupt the Nephalem. The surprise in the battle at Diablo 4 is simply understood, that is when the players have to clash with their mortal opponents, with terrible power similar to themselves.

Everything about the 'boss' Lilith - the ultimate super boss will appear in the blockbuster Diablo 4 - Photo 6.

In Diablo 4, will Lilith become the most powerful character in all worlds?

In addition, in the end of the world, Lilith has the ability to revive the Lords of Hell as in the Pandemonium. Diablo, Mephisto, Baal or other demon lords will turn to life, creating a chaotic and bloody battle between the races at Diablo 4.

However, believing that Lilith's scheme will eventually fail. As in the case of the Uldyssian hero, Lilith created the strongest Nephalem in history but failed to suppress the nobility of humans. In the end, the Uldyssian awakened and he made the noble decision toward the most humane outcome for all species.


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