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Every month a major event, Sea of ​​Thieves stripped into a true blockbuster

After a hard time finding content to refresh themselves, the Sea of ​​Thieves had an interesting comeback with a "massive" update that focused heavily on game modes and sections. plot. Not only that, the producer also continued to give this game a lot of new content as well as events in the monthly updates limited.

Every month a major event, Sea of ​​Thieves stripped into a true blockbuster - Photo 1.

Sea Of Thieves has officially launched a term event called Black Powder Stashes and has also begun planning to release monthly content for a multi-player game about this pirate world. Currently, this event update is available for download and will bring many other interesting components for players. This version consists of six different storylines with each story bringing the player to a different location on the map, along with two very difficult challenges that force many teams to join the same route. . This can lead to unexpected "touches" whether your expedition is for search purposes only, or on the map and taking as many explosives as possible.

Items such as the Gunpipe or the Item Containers you collect can be sold to the "commercial companies" you choose to earn rewards in the form of increased experience points. Not only that, the players who won the title of Pirate Legends, can get Athena’s Fortune reputation from the mysterious characters, or more precisely the extra characters you can meet each time you visit the Tavern and Outpost. In addition, this time-limited event also introduces players to a new awarding mode, Mercenary Commendations, which gives players more rewards such as money and trophies as well as a number of accompanying decorative items. And this reward is only given when you complete your voyages.

Every month a major event, Sea of ​​Thieves shed into a true blockbuster - Photo 3.

The new update will also distribute the Mermaid Gems gems around the world and may appear in any cave or wreck as the Kraken and Megalodon appear. This makes it easier to find players than finding Mermaid Statues, while correcting a lot of bugs, balancing the game, improving access and introducing many other great features.

Every month a major event, Sea of ​​Thieves stripped into a true blockbuster - Photo 4.

The Black Powder Stash event will end on August 14 and will be replaced by another event following it. According to production executive Joe Neate, the game company from this point on will apply a monthly release schedule to release new events and shows with a more compelling storyline (Tall Tales), At the same time provide more dramatic Arena arena modes and many more. He also ensures that these updates will improve game bugs as well as change game balances accordingly.

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