Even Flappy Bird had a royale battle mode - Photo 1.

Even Flappy Bird had a royale battle mode

Flappy Bird is one of the most famous arcade games in recent times. Recently, this game has been revived with the royale battle mode (very large players like Fortnite)!

This game is called Flappy Royale, developed by Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker. Each game will have 100 birds flying along a map, who will survive the longest will become the winner. The game also has a bus to 'release birds' no different than Fortnite.

Because Flappy Royale is a multiplayer game, it will be an online game, not offline like the original version. Your bird will be brighter than its competitors for easy viewing, but it seems to be very chaotic in the beginning of the game.

Even Flappy Bird had a royale battle mode - Photo 2.

The Royale battle mode is currently the hottest trend in recent times, along with a lot of revival versions of older generation games. Even Mario's game was rebuilt so that it could be played between 100 people, called Mario Royale (now claimed by Nintendo).

Flappy Royale is available in iOS and Android in beta form, and will have an official version next month.

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